Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cat's World is back on the Web.

Da Owl says:  "G'Day Mates.  Da Mik and I be piled in the 'puter chair contemplating nothing more than what little we can do and get away with.  This, after all, is a bit of an extension of the weekend here at Five Oaks.  Retirement does have its advantages donchaknow?

Midweek, the day halfway between Funday and the next one. Funday being the most entertaining of the lot.  That's the day, from habit of years past, when the family all gather together and do as much of nothing as is possible.  We call no one, we seldom have any calls, we usually have our shopping done on Saturday and have no reason to go anywhere, so it's family togetherness day. 

Has a delightfully lazy, US day ring to it does it not?  We (those who are not on the weekend work shift) are free to delve into the multitudinous likes and desires of our own making, to be free from the woes and worries of the work week, to be able to make as much or little out of our lives as we so desire.  That is the ultimate in freedoms.  Lisa, I, and our clowder of feline children, are taking every advantage of that freedom.      

Mik says "Tough work but somebodies has to do it!  Prrrrrr ....."

It is indeed a difficult job to handle of late, what with the increased number of obnoxious new bright ideas being added to the still remaining number of archaic stock make do tasks, as well as the number of mundane day by day chores the Small One maintains and supervises on an almost hourly basis, day in day out. 

Well, as you all should know by now, Mik is restricted in the number of tasks he can perform since he is forced to live in this tiny pc room/den.  Still he always seems to be included in the 'blame the cats' commentary that comes with the discovery of any small disturbance or disruption of the norm that The Big One can't be blamed with. 

One thing I must say for little MikiCato.  He has taken well to the confinement to the one room.  He is a bit of a loner now that all 4 of the boys are on up in their years ...... not actually old timers, just 'mature' mancats.  Miki wants his privacy, wants quiet, and when the time comes for his romp and run he has overhead runways and shelves as well as a complete circle around the computer console in which to work off the steam.  Seems to satisfy him.  Occasionally we will take a stroll down the hall to the fun room, usually when the others are asleep in some of their obscure out of the way hidey-holes.  Now Buddy seems usually to be awake and on the alert for a chance to wash his favorite little brother, say HI and pass a few words of love and brotherly good cheer.  Only takes a few minutes until the little guy gravitates back to his favorite overhead perch in his room.  Door closed again and all is quiet in the Manor except for the clatter of the keyboards, one in the PC room, one in Lisa's room.

Miki takes a break in the middle of his 'attic walkway'
waiting for me to come close
so he can untie my pony tail
He's gotten really good at that
and many assorted and sundry
 other  mischievous things

I really have nothing major to complain about, brag about, or just flat out lie about today ...... of course everyone knows I do not 'stretch the truth' one little bit.  Never. 

Weather ...... we got some of that.  'Nuf said on that continually changing over discussed subject.  Suffice to say it is well into Spring, flowers are everywhere, birds are happily chirping, digging worms, raiding the feeders, antagonizing Miki and the other cats at the windows, and generally doing what Mother Nature intended for them to do.  

Hope all is well with everyone, the weather is acceptable, and the happenings of the day met with your collective approvals.  I'll take my leave, see if I can move the 'lap robe kitty' and be about the other assorted 'tasks' and do nothing things I had planned to do this afternoon. 

Oh, I just remembered I have another load of pix in the holding file to load to Photobucket, and 100 or so in the camera to be uploaded and tweaked.  That should get the lap robe another hour or so of lap time. 

Take care and come when you can.

Roy, Sr,
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop


  1. Thanks Barbara. The little guy loves that rail. I walk under the rail and he tries his best to undo my pony tail. He's like a little baby with a new toy.

    We'll have more from up there.

  2. He's calmed down a good bit the last few years, but still ..... never a dull moment.


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