Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday is Furverseday!

To continue with the Cat (and other Pet) verse each Furverseday, We went through my youngest daughter's writings and pulled this one out of the volumes we have collected over the years.

My Pillow, I thought.
But no, alas! He sleeps so softly-
Gentle furry, paws -claws dug into the down.
He purrs so softly, then so sweetly
Looks at me with a frown.
You don't really think I will move?
His eyes ask me as he looks up into mine.
I sigh and move over,
This discussion is over.
Pippen - the spoiled feline!

~ Ramona York Crossen ~ 
©Copyright 2009

Until next time ......


  1. Ramona is a great writer -- I remember!

  2. She's slacking off off late, but I'm hoping, after school is over, she will get back to it. There's things like a book still unfinished, dozens of poems still to be edited .....

    I'll have more of hers in the future. Maybe we can find some of the folks on the WC circuit that have some pet verse secreted away. With a picture or three to go along. ????

  3. That pix was taken just after her stay in the hospital. The little cat was tending to her painful left arm and side. Amazing how they can sense when you hurt and are able to make so many things feel better, isn't it?


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