Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Thought.

Just a thought now ......

We've all had problems with the pets learning our ways and things, and developing counter-measures for each one.  Take for example the habit of grabbing up a camera and shoving it in their faces when they do something we consider cute or cuddly. When this happens those eyes go shut, or the head turns away, or we get that 'south end of the north bound mule' pose. That kind of habit.

Our thanks go out to Kelly Colleen who sent Buddy Bear some wonderful pictures of her floofball, Charlie for the posting here. I think they give us a perfect example of the old "close your eyes guys, the dummy has that blinky thing pointed at us again."

Now this shot would have been the perfect
cover picture for 'PlayCat Magazine'
had Charlie not rejected the notion of 'flash in the eyes.'

Even when involved in a happy time chore
like rolling and lolligaging in the mind bending Cat Nip,
they have the unnerving habit of closing their eyes.
They KNOW we are coming with the accursed 
flashy thing.

Thinking back I kinda remembered a few of my own floofballs pictures that would have been centerfolds, or at least covers that were ruined by the flash dodging heavy eyelids Here's one ......

Miki is good at dodging his duty of posing
for the flashy thing.
Sometimes I wonder if it is not
just a spiteful gesture to pay us back
for taking their favorite chair to watch
TV while they are taking an evening nap there.

Enough. I hear my clowder of walking flashsuppressors milling about inside the pantry , opening doors, searching for their favorite soft dinners. I'm wanted again.

Warms my heart I tell ya.

I feel loved.

Later .....


  1. let's see if this worked -- if not forgetaboutit!

    Loved the kit pics and as always -- love the commentary.

  2. Made a mess of the previous post and could not figure out how to edit so deleted it.

    Hey, hey Willow....you are here!!

    Loved the pics......even with eyes closed they make great covers.

  3. After I opened the google account, it brought me right here without selecting a profile....???
    I had sownloaded the Google browser, but didn't like it.....I'm sticking to IE.

  4. Welcome Ladies. For those of you that had 'difficulties' getting acquainted with the workings here, I send my condolences. And also, I send my thanks for the efforts to sign in and post.

    Now for our next project we'll take a turn around the Blogs, pick a favorite and write an 30 word descriptive 'header' for a rebutal site to be opened at a later date.

    So, now that I have turned THIS happy quartet in to a raging mob of irate fussbudgets, I'll say, once again, thanks for your troubles. You will hear from me, or Buddy Bear (hopefully) daily on the current subject of interest from the Wizard's digital World of Cats.


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