Saturday, May 22, 2010

Caturdaynight gifts

     Over the years, and there have been many of those, we have had more than a few cats that were might hunters.  We've had many strange things, critters and such, presented to us by our little hunters, most of which I quickly and quietly dispensed with after the might little hunters were appropriately praised and thanked for the treasured gifts *shudder*.  But, NEVER have I had a gift like the one my little 'puppycat', Tegar, presented me the other day.

     We were clowning, snuggling and cavorting on the fun room table when Tegar walked up to me, sat down and promptly reached down and pulled out this strange yellow snake.  It had (4) four heads, with a quite lethal looking horn sprouting from the top of each head.  It was a bit irritated, but the mighty little hunter subdued it with a quick bite or three, then gave it a bit of a soothing bath to calm it down.

The little snake was quite small at first
 but those heads began to grow and spread apart
 quite menacingly.
The creature wasn't all that long
Probably a baby still
Thankfully Tegar got rid of it short like.

He was a bit rough on the little snake
but under the circumstances I was not
about to interfere with his method of subduing
his captured creatures

     Well, there's always a first time for every thing, and I do hope, for THAT 'thing', this time is the last time.  Really though, he did have my happiness at heart don't you think?  Ah, such gifts we receive from the little ones.

     As always, I feel loved.

"A gift of a little love goes a long way.  Have you given your gifts today?"

Later .....


  1. Oh, I catch those all the time. Only mine are brownish, with purple-ish black heads.

  2. 4 headed snakes? Four? Really? I am going to sit in the gullible seat for now.

  3. They do come in many colors don't they Sparkle? Any five headed ones in the count? That's a sight to see, I tell ya.

    As they say, pictures don't lie! Er .... well, ask Tegar. He'll tell you all about it. He's probably carrying that snake around with him just to show 'doubting Tomases' like you Willow.

    Just sayin ..... :)


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