Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day of rest for all

     We usually make a large dent in the 'Honey-Do' list on Sunday.  It's quiet, not much going on around the neighborhood, an occasional lawnmower puttering away somewhere up the road, one of the local race car drivers makes a little noise down the road tuning his engine, things like that.  But for heavy traffic, that's not what Funday is all about here.

     That comes somewhere between midnight tonight and Thursday sundown.  Then comes payday, the big surge of folks to town for supplies, and the trickle of traffic coming back, rear bumpers dragging the ground with all the groceries and other goodies weighing the vehicles down.  Everyone eats well on the weekend around here.

      Here at Five Oaks the shopping trip has, over the years, been moved to Funday, when, as experience has proven, the traffic is much lighter, there are less shopping carts to roll over the Small One's feet or smash into the Large one's shinbones.  Therefore today was the 'trip to town day.'

     The grocery list always includes the cats soft dinners and naturally, the crunchy.  Our 6 boys and girls have gotten the payday routine figured out and are standing at the door when we return from town, offering their services checking out the bags and boxes of goodies.

when we first arrive home,
The front window is usually full of anxious
 furry faces with much impatient shuffling around,
Meowing and an occasional scuffle for position
Today's ManCat, Rowdy was all alone
Watching the start of the unloading

The ManCat of the day checks the counter
for an acceptably safe landing spot
before taking the leap to check the frozen goodies
the Small One has piled in the sink for repacking

Groceries stashed away Large and Small Ones find
time for a break and a cool drink
Lumpy water in Dad's glass
actually belongs to the ManCat
Dad just doesn't realize it.

     Funday at Five Oaks Manor is just that ..... fun for all.  And we get lots of kitty love for our efforts.

  I definitely feel loved .....


  1. Very much liked that Blather....not to mention the beautiful kitty pics.

  2. They just lvoe to check out what the Hoomins are doing!

  3. Purrfect blog. I love how you included your fur kids in the unpacking of the groceries. Great photos!:-))

  4. They check out EVERYTHING. That's the big problem here.

    As to including them in the unpacking, I want to know one thing. Why do I always have the feeling that they are including US in THEIR unpacking?

    Thanks for the comments everyone, and thanks for reading along.

    The Furgirls and Furboys at 5 Oaks say Meowr and Purrrrrrr .......

  5. My Little Guy is owner of all water vessels, too.

  6. Funny how some will shy away from the glasses and cups though. I guess it's overly sensitive whiskers. Buddy has nothing to do with anything but his bowl.


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