Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday - A story about a Box

     Here's the plot as I see it:  The Big One and the Small One come home from shopping.  Big One brings a box home for the kitties to play in.  Big One drops box in front of the Fat One's 'help-me-up-on-the-microwave' chair!  (He's not gettin any younger donchaknow?)

     Just a note about the subject of these pix:  The Little Big Guy waited to claim the box until after all the bags and boxes of goodies were stored away and all the plastic bags were declared empty and ready to be stashed away for future trash can liner duty.

     Then he pounced.  He hopped in with a big Meowr and started making his marks.  I didn't have the wits about me to turn the video on.  Cold weather does things like that to me ...... that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

     Now for the Box picture/story.

"Oh, boyoboyoboyoboy!  New box toy sleepin place. MINE!  MINE!"

"Dis end need some scritches and such.  Smell good lack ....."

"I jes settles down cheere an has a little unlaxin.  Jes me an my new box
what The Big One brung me back from when they went hunting for eats
tight fit.  Maybes I needs some exercises ......
some time on da bed would be nice"

"Ut Oh.  Big One makin with the flashy ting agin.
  I ignorse him and he goes away"

"Well I toughts he goes away."

"Enuff wif da flashy ting.  Goes away!  I needs my privacy areadies"

"Oh Noes da kid kit don come snoopin.
I pretends I not chere and he goes aways"

"Da box and I not chere ..... Da box and I not chere ......
We is invisibubles!"

"Wills you GO WAY wif da flashy ting?  Goes play wif da Little One
I laks to heers her giggles!  Now scatts!"

"I watchin you Big One!  Scatz!"

"Aaaaah!  Peace and quiets alast ..... Prrrrrrrrrrrr ........"

"Las warnin ...... Get away wif da flashy ting.  I gettin mad chere ......
I is go sleeps.  You goes way!"

5 minutes later he is sound asleep and happy.

Tegar tried the box later and was chased out
before he could park his butt

Rowdy will not even sniff it anymore.

     Today everyone, but Rowdy, has his own box, and everyone sleeps in any box but their own.  Now that the cats love the boxes though, the chip company has discontinued the packaging and we can't get the boxes anymore.  

     Big One has gone into the box making business.  

"Have you loved your cats today?  They might let you sleep in their box if you do!"

     I have a lap full of Halloween kitty as I write this.  I feel loved.


  1. It is funny when one cat out of many thinks the box is his or hers. I have seen spats over a box by both my cats. Thanks for that! Very cute how you captured it all!

  2. such a great photo essay... you should do this more often!

  3. That is definitely your box. Way more comfy than that bed set up next to it. Smokey doesn't know what he's missing.

  4. Thanks for visiting and reading along everyone. I missed the Tuesday deadline because I was gathering pictures from the Hard Drive and resizing them. So now I am one blog ahead ..... no wait ..... one blog behind ..... whatever!

    Again thanks for the kind words. Let me know what you want to see and we'll try to get it together. Got some friends pets and some grand-pets pix and a story or three worked up for later.

    Y'all come see us often. We like reading your comments. Don't be shy! I likes to share the Blather Blog.


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