Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I takes Control from the Big One .....

him not dependable no more like. Us kitties will do them things whats s'posed to be did here, an jus' maybe we lets himself post, if he be good.

We has been watching lots of great sites on Blogspot.com and havin lots of fun doin' it too. Us kitties learns lots of new things latelies. Gonna try to up da size of da picktures we has in here. Makes it all better to see the good lookin' beings we all is/are/am doncha thinks?

I wants to thanks all the fine friends we has made over the years we been in residence at the Worldcrossing forums, and this kitty wishes to see more of them here. Is not costin da visitors nothin to make some word type comments at the end of da day's postins. Is fun really. Y'all tries it, OK?

Oh, and we wants to invite everbodies to drop some stories and tales and such (don forgets the piktures too) in da EMails for us to posts here. What ever scratches your fleas, we not particular. Is special for to has a rescue story or a funny true story of life wif your humons, maybe tells us some of da triks the big ones tries to do, and da stuff you does to makes them laugh. If you just wants to send piktures, please lets us know sometin about who an what is in and about each pikture.

Now I has a delicious lookin pikture from a really close and funny Lady friend of da Big One from my Forum on da Worldcrossing.com.

Dese two delicious lookin little feather duskers is Libby an Louie. Da yaller one be Libby and o'course Louie is da blue birdy.

Me tanks you Miss Daffy for lettin us use da pix. We hopes to sees more of the little ones in da futures.


Now da nex one comes from a Big One what just moved to the northern West Coast from way down South West. Him not settled in completes, but he workin on it. Him is good frien of our Big One, and him is also a VietNam vet. Him in a wheel chair and dese two handsome bow-wows is his service dogs. Killer and Kelly, Killer on da left, and Da Man hisself behind Kelly. Him answers to da name of LeatherMan. Him makes great things with leather too.

Great pikture Leatherman, and all of us kitties at Five Oaks thanks you for sendin it to us. More Please?


I has to tell one story 'bout the Big One and da Little One. First I has to reiterate here who Big One and Little One is. Big One call himselfs KnightOwl over at Worldcrossing forums where we tryin to gets all you visitors to join and visit wif us. Him name is Roy, an him is MY boyhumon. Little One is called Honey by Big One but hers name is LadyBug on da forums and really is Lisa. Little One is MY girlhumon, da one what rescued me from a little bitty cage sittin in da middle of da center of a big ole fleamarket table in da Southern hot sun one July Caturdays back in July of '01. I loves dem both, but I loves Little One specials.

I thin dis be enough for now. We has much more to add tomorrow and da days after, so I go quick before da Big One starts fussin for him compuyter. Purrs and Snorgles everbodys.


  1. Missing your blogs, Roy! Keep hoping for something new to read. Hope all is well in your world!

  2. Is all well. Is just the season for the big rush outside. Soon will be all inside things and stuff. Then I'll be closer to the PC and have less excuses to NOT post and blather.

    Thanks stopping by. I love to hear from my 'fan club'. :^)


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