Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall is Here

I can't believe I have 'fallen off the wagon' on my Blogs. Buddy and I, (along with the rest of the clowder of kits), have been deep into the comings and goings of Real Life (RL) here in the South Woods.

Lets see, there was the onset of the heavy rains, lasting well over two weeks, in which time we were grounded to the Manor. Although the Manor is chock full of stuff and things to hold the interest of all assorted residents, the size, being a mite small, made for a touch and taste of claustrophobic discomfort. Then there was the morning the sun came out and the weather prognosticators all proclaimed the 'all clear' for everyone in sight and hearing. The next day it started raining all over again. The end came much later than expected. So much for that one.

Let me back up here, just a tad. During all this rain and muck and mess there were things that had to be taken care of, things to stash and store, things to dispose of to make room for the things needed to be stashed and stored. All in all, it was an active period of time. Nothing to write home about really, but it was a bit of a bother as they say. I'm not slow, but I do tend to take my time, to do a thoroughly GOOD job of it of course!

Now, since the rains have blown away, we have the onset of Autumn. Autumn, that time of the year when colors change, life itself changes, some portions moving on, some sort of taking a break from the daily plodding for an altogether too short a period of down time. Hibernation, I think you would call it.

Me, I'd take hibernation if it were left up to me, but wouldn't you know, it isn't. Therefore, the list of stuff to do and things to take care of being quite extensive ..... it IS an 8 member family here after all ..... We have been hurriedly moving along splitting our time between thoroughly enjoying the cool temperatures and lowered humidity, the warm glow of life around us, and the projects necessary to batten down the hatches for what some of the 'knowledgable, self-appointed authorities' proclaim will be 'one hell of a winter' to come. Personally, there's some doubts, but who am I to question the folk with the mess of letters behind their names.

All this gibberish is intended to cover up the fact I have been absent and I'm trying to make amends by sneaking back in here, hopefully unnoticed, to set the wheel spinning once again.

We've many pictures of friends' pets, naturally of Buddy and the others, and some places and things not really related to pets. Whatever, we took them, we enjoyed the excursions, some short, some quite lengthy (for us, at least), necessary to take them, so we will post them from time to time.

Lets see what the next day brings, shall we? We'll just, as they say, 'take it one day at a time' and enjoy what we have as we go.

Buddy takes a disapproving attitude to the flash

We'll be back .....


  1. Good to see you posting on your blog, Roy! As always do enjoy reading you.

  2. Thanks Stephanie. I'm up all night tonight so I may get more posted, both here and on the other place.

    Thanks, too, for stopping by.


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