Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Caturday Night Ruminating

with more of the pictures of our little guys from the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, South Woods, NE MS, USA.

You know, I gotta stop that. Long titles like that are what's wearing my old fingers out. I'll let the younger generation do that.

Oh, while I'm at it, I'd like to mention a very nice person I've grown to admire in the last few weeks of reading her works and associating with her Blog. She even featured us on her place a few days ago, and I made an off handed attempt at linking to her place.

I am so sorry. There's no reason for that .... but I'll do my best to attempt to invent some ..... Seriously!

Little Guy's name us Melvin. The Webmaster's name is The Caring Infernal Warden. I would say this Lady is an Angel for taking on the task she has. Little Melvin is not more than a handful, but he brought with him a double handful of medical problems. The little guy came to the right place though. He is in very caring and capable hands.

The 6 Mouskateers, Miss Lisa, and I salute you. The site is Mouchois. Go see the tiny little guy that makes a great big impression on everyone who meets him.

Great reading too.


  1. Aw. Thank you, Roy! This is such a great post on my little boy. You made me smile from ear to ear for sure. Keep up the good work! And remember, I'm always here to help!

  2. Heh! Thanks Lady! I'll remember that.

  3. I have been enjoying your blog, Roy! Love all the kitties!

  4. Thank you Stephanie. Good to see you here.

    I've a couple of your shots in the photo lineup for the near future.

    We are getting there, slowly but surely.

    Missing a day every weekend is not helping the posting progress much, but it IS helping the old Owl catch up with Real LIfe.

    Therefore, I suspect we'll be on a 6 day week with a couple double days mixed in during those weeks, at lest until the rigors of summer Residential Landscape Technician duties are past.

    Come visit us when you can Stephanie. You have been missed on the threads.

  5. Thanks Roy!Will do! I must send you more pics of the fur kids. Hubby has been taking quite a lot of them lately.

  6. Use the GMail acct. Stephanie. It's thewizardsgtpop@gmail.com


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