Monday, July 27, 2009

New Family gathering

in Texas. A wonderful pair of friends of ours have just moved into their new home, only to discover it is a mite bare and lonely. The solution(s) to the problem were discovered at the local Animal Shelter.

Lucy and Monty were the first to adopt their new humons ....

Then, Miss Daisy decided she wanted to go with them ....

Shortly after the family gathered in their new home, it was decided Daisy needed a playmate of her own. Ollie is the new additions' name ....

Now the family is complete. The fun and games have begun, the love is strong, and the future is very bright for Willow and Oberon.

Thanks, both of you for the pictures of your new family. May you all have the best there is of everything.


  1. I think so. Those two folks deserve the happiness and hilarity they've just adopted.

    We'll see more of them in the future I'm quite sure.


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