Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Night Note from the Webmaster

I'm taking a tour of our holdings on the web, making it known that the Cats and I are still among the shakers and doers of the good Ole Southland. This will be short.

Work is progressing, although slowly, on updating and generally primping the web site. We've made major changes to the boys' photo albums, although not all the boys have been taken care of yet. We've several new websites in the process of being built, some almost ready to release and upload. Detailed explanations of that statement will be posted here as soon as the pages are ready for publishing. Links will be posted here as well.

As for now, I am about to begin the monthly chores of shopping and re-stocking of the larder. Cats gotta eat, Ya know! As do the humans!

Ya'll come see us when you can .....

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