Monday, March 10, 2008

"Monday's Cat" .... belated Second Edition

As the title states, we're up to our Monday posting of Cats. This Monday's Cat is the first of the two little outsider walk-in adopters we have. What I mean is they adopted us ..... came from across the street to visit, checked us out, and here they stayed. This one, Smokey, came to us about three years ago, limping on three legs across the fresh cut lawn, mewling at the top of her lungs. I watched as she stumbled on toward me until I couldn't stand it anymore. Going out to meet her I noticed that she could use the left front leg but only sparingly. She's had a bad accident, and recently at that. Later on I learned it was NOT an accident, and was told "she did not like MEN so she probably wouldn't stay with us long." Well, she sleeps in my lap on the Cat Porch, sits with me in the car on the days we do not go some were in said car, while I warm the old Continental up (just in case of an emergency, dontchaknow .... not that I am always wormy to grade some back roads looking for things and stuff to take pictures of, or anything like that ....), in general, if she don't like men then my wife needs to re-think her marital vows for sure ......

Enough of the lame attempts at humor.

Here is my little Outside Kitty girl, Miss Smokey.

I went out one evening to take pictures of the sunset
it was getting quite late, and the camera was NOT
familiar to me. This one I had to tweak a good bit
Smokey was wondering "What the Hell ......"

She watched from the lumber pile while I did
my blinky things with the blinky box
I always have to watch her closely
when I cut the yard. She's allways nearby
waiting for that chance for attention

So many times I come out with camera in hand hoping to get some good quality shots of the little Lady Kitty, but she is now "cameraized" and makes it a point to not look directly at the camera.

Anyway, this is Cat Picture day, so I'll shut my face and post pictures of Smokey.

She's always leading me from the house to the car
My little escort. She and PrincessII, the other
Outsider (from the same ex-home) are my guardians
when strangers show up, whether animal or human

This one didn't turn out as well as most
so I tweaked it in Black and White

Her name is Smokey
and she is MY little girl. I do wish I could
let her in the house and keep her there safely
But it's just not meant to be. She does share
the laundry room and all the warmth and comfort
there in with PrincessII. Lots of baskets of clothes,
private "nest boxes" and their own dining table.

Well that's my offering for the day. The second in the series of issues I call "Monday's Cat."

Next time I'll have another of the Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor to chatter about, and of course, show pictures of. Some updates on the Web Site to talk about, probably just pictures. I imagine I'll hit the update highlights in the next three or four days.

We've some friends pet pictures we're going to feature here, from time to time, and we'll issue an official invitation to one and all reading along to send in their favorite personal pet pictures for posting here.

That's it for now .... I've a lap full of little black kitty to take care of. He missed the afternoon cuddle and cat nap with his Dad, so I'll spend some time in the big chair cuddling my little MikiCato. You'll see him in the very near future, so stay tuned here.

I've done my doins for the day. I'm gone .....

Roy, Sr,
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop


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