Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to the Business of Cat's World Blogging ..........

Sunday Evening in the South Woods ..... the snow (all three inches of it on the Continental and my lil Red Tractor thingie) is gone, Grand Daughter moved in for the Spring Break, and I'm running happily around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Busy time at Five Oaks Manor this weekend. Life is Grrrrrrreat!

My Sunday afternoon Cat-nap over, I awoke to the smell of donuts and other sweet things permeating the air. Heh! Lisa made something I can't pronounce, a sweet pastry likened to a donut, with the hole missing though. As I remember them, they didn't need the hole to be fantastic eating though. The operation, barring the slight modification of ingredients, was a success, and taste testing was well underway when I stumbled upon the lovely scene.

I was informed, most hurriedly, that all had not gone as smoothly as it should. When M'Lady was mixing the ingredients she grabbed the bottle of red food coloring instead of the vanilla extract. As she was mixing she discovered her mistake, found the extract, applied the proper dosage, and continued ...... the results were RED pastries, rather dubious in looks, but heavenly in taste.

M'Lady, MaryPoppins (the Grand Daughter), and the cats, actually saved me a couple. One batch was slightly over cooked, turned out a mite red with black "antiquing" ..... even better than the RED ones. I always did like "crunchy", especially a few years back when I was heavy into my coffee and the fine art of dunking the delicious Lady-made delicacies.

That was a fun sight walking in on those two, both with powdered sugar all over their lips and faces, and in their hair. M'Lady even had a guilty look on her face ( )(while happily munching away on yet another "well done Red donut/pastry/crunchy nummy.")

I'm beginning to wonder if it is at all safe to leave those two alone while I take a nap with the Kits. Must regroup and reconsider the possibilities .....

So much for tonight's supper. I'll have a tuna sandwich around midnight, and top it off with the two pastries I snitched and hid away for just such an occasion.

Not quite so cold tonight .... temp is around 58°F right now, outside kits have been checked on, teased and cuddled yet again, and all is right in the world of the Five Oaks Manor's Cat Porch residents. Fresh crunchies and water in place in the laundry room for the Ladies, and outside on the kitty shelf for the neighborhood throw-aways and cast-outs.

I'm thinking the insiders have been slipped some snacks and treats during my nap. Why would I make such an observation? Well, since you asked I'll tell you. They all have ignored me, even when I opened the squeaky-hinged door to the pantry. Instead of swarming me, those 4 little guys literally ignored me.

Ah, the insult ..... the pain of rejection ..... however, it's so nice to be able to browse the contents of the pantry without a mess of purrbutts haranguing me for softie din-dins and/or Cat Nip.

Anyway, while poking my nose in the pantry I came upon a stash of 5 packets of Kitty Grass replete with planter and soil, bought some several months ago, stuffed in the back of the shelves in a hurry no doubt, and forgotten. So, after the household settles down for the night, I shall have myself a bout of "gardening" and get the planters mounted in the heavy ceramic "holder" box. Won't be too long until we have fresh "cut" grass strewn over and about the kitchen floor. Little guys are coming short with their needs not having that grass to aid their digestion.

If any of you have not allowed your Kits to munch the greens grown in one of the "store boughten" packs, or even the greens you yourself have acquired and planted, you should reconsider and remedy that error. The grass is a dietary necessary, and, for the cats themselves, a great daily treat. A bit of a bother for the folks steadily on the go, and/or not into the piddle and bother of "home gardening". But, it's well worth it to the little ones. The packs sold at Wally World are quite good, and way safe for Mr & Miss Kitty. The seeds your local garden center can offer are even better, provided of course you do NOT use the "treated" variety of seeds.

To aid in a healthy feline diet: Cat oat grass and cat wheat grass provide an all natural snack. Many well known Veterinarians recommend having a supply of fresh growing oat and wheat grass available for all kits. It's not hard to produce, and relatively cheap to procure the seeds.

Hmmmmm ..... enough of the lecture, I've just been swarmed by my little MikiCato, the Halloween Kitty, my lap is thoroughly padded and made to his liking, and he is now reclining up over my pot gut belly, giving me those happy eyes, with an occasional blink-blink-wink ..... his most noted show of affection. What is a guy to do. I'm here, nailed to the chair by less than 10 pounds of purr and fur, and NOT complaining one damn bit. YES! I AM a Cat Person ..... I told you that way back somewhere somewhen.

Now, on with the report.

I have just been chastised for my lack of concentration when last I deposited outgoing post in the big ugly, weather beaten roadside container we call a "mail box". I dint put the flag thingie up. Whatever. I put the mail in Saturday afternoon, long after the route was serviced. So, I must needs get myself shod and make the trek to the road side and un-do my wrongly done doins!

... *sheesh* Make ONE, just ONE, little mistake, and a man is browbeaten no end. Married life is ...... well it's ...... nevermind.

I'm gone to the mailbox, although I shall return .....

Later .....

Roy, Sr,
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop


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