Monday, November 26, 2007

Face Lift Going On at Buddy Bear's Cats' World Web Site

Just a quick post to bring this place partially up to date.

We're going through a complete face lift, "Digital Cosmetic Surgery" as it were, on the Web Site. It starts, naturally HERE and will eventually encompass the entire site. There are to be some very special pages worked into the place. More than that I'll not tell just now.

As per always, hang with me 'cause I'm slow. If you run into an old page with bad links just back out and head out another way.

There's no projected "finish date" here, naturally, since Real Life does have the upper hand.

Also there's a new kid on the block. Here I'm talking about the added Cats' World Forums now in full operation. Join us.

Thanks for stopping by here. Check back again later. I'll have more to tell then!

I am your Webmaster, Roy York, Sr,
the Wizard they call "Sergeant Pop"

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