Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm Late Again, but I'm here ....

Boy am I late getting in here. I'm in trouble in 5 different places, major in trouble in both of my forums, one on Worldcrossing and the other on yuku.com. So I'll be trying to make up for my absence with sweet words and pictures of cute kittybutts. Hope it works.

Buddy is asleep right now, thankfully, so I have the keyboard. The other boys, MikiCato, Tegar, Rowdy, and the girls, Smokey and Spooky are all doing their own thing in their respective hidey-holes somewhere in Five Oaks Manor.

Me, I'm dozing, and enjoying the 'after a fine meal stupor' that comes quite regularly in our home. We can't afford the luxuries of travel, outings, eating out, clubbing, movies and theater tickets, even driving to the city park for a daily walk, but we make d**n sure we eat well. Many times during our military career we ate sparingly, especially at the end of the month ..... that was before Uncle Sugar decided we need be paid twice a month instead of once a month. What a relief that was when the news came round.

The evening turned wet and threatening here in the South Woods. We've been alerted for possible tornadoes ..... second Tornado Season of the year for our area ...... although we've seen nothing but a light mist, some rumble and a bit of background lightening ...... just enough to send the two outside kitties, Smokey and Spooky running for the safety of the Cat Porch nests and ledges.

So far our major bad weather prognosticator, Buddy Bear has not taken a nose dive under the big bed. That means there's no immediate threats in the area. Hope he doesn't have to hide. It's no fun crawling under there to make sure he is comfortable I tell ya. Last time we took our pillows and a blankie and spent the night. d**n dust bunnies played hell with my allergies that night.

Ya'll come see the updates and changes recently activated at the web site, and give us a line in the guest book if you are amind. Or check out the private mail thingy on 'Contact the Webmaster' page.

I am .....

Roy, Sr,
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop



  1. What a nice surprise finding you there at Stephanie's blog, nice to know you are still in the world of the web.. I bkmd you so I will be back, take care my friend. Visit my blog ssometime Roy, I'd like that... :)

  2. Reading your writings again kinda makes my day. Well, you always can lighten a day my Friend. I, too, have bookmarked your part of the Web. Be safe .....

  3. I hope things are well in your world Roy. Take care my friend. :)

  4. Not to worry about being absent my friend. I'm trying to keep my head above water online as well as in life too. Must be the time of year.

  5. My Little Guy is hugging my shoulder (claws and all) as I read your blog. He must know. :)

  6. Thanks Eric for the comment. I seem to have tunnel vision of late. The WC account is very irritating, and I can't get my mind off the probable downfall of that site.

    I'm backing away from it slowly. I shall return (in here) shortly.

  7. Leslie, indeed it's the season, the time of the year, that is my main problem ..... well we can add the age, the mileage, the retirement ..... mostly I think not getting out and about as in past months has caused the old brain to sink into a kind of stupor.

    Thanks for visiting here. There are times I've felt so lonely posting here. Maybe that had something to do with the lengthy absences. Whatever.

    Later .....

  8. Hey Myth, and welcome to my Blather Blog. Well, one of two. Buddy's is my favorite ..... not that anyone would notice .....

    Hope you will visit often. I'll get with my duties here. Maybe turn some lights on, add a few chairs, and a bar ...... Hmmmmmm ......

    Thanks for stopping by Lady. :^)


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