Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update of the Cats' World Web Site
May 28th, 2006

Evening Folks. I finally got it together, and herein is the start of the (Hopefully) regular update thingie for Buddy Bear's Cats' World. Just remember, I'm long winded, so settle back, relax and join me as I attempt to do my duty here.

I just wiggled out from under a very warm furr pile in the bed. All three of the big guys had myself nailed down big time. Seems Tegar is always the key to the escape plan though, and a couple of quiet "Lemme Up Baby"s and he moved to the other side with his elders just so I could hit the ground runing. Well, we (Tegar and I) made the litter box run, chased a spider in the bath tub, treed a mini-member of the Mexican Invasion, (water bug) let them both go free, had our respective slurp of runing water and hair-raking, picked up the usual accumulation of discarded clothing that dotted the landscape, re-rolled the tissue onto the roll (never can figure out how it un-rolls itself like that) and made the trip down the hall, the little Yellow Fellow always one step ahead blazing the trail for the befuddled, half awake old Owl. Mom and Rowdy respectively passed out the "Hi Honey, Sleep well?"s and "Miaow, Miaor"s, along with delicious wet kisses afforded us from both.

After a bit of small talk, a few chin scratches and ear nibbles, the refilling of the ever present 32oz thermal water mug took us into another 5 minutes pause of shuffle and idle chatter while Mr Rowdy took his fill of Dad's fresh Ice water, neatly pilfered from the thermal mug. (why does my water always taste better than their water ...... We take more care of serving theirs than we do of ours??????)

And now I am here, what was I doing when I was called upon to participate in the mid afternoon emergency "nap run" .... maybe I can find something here in the notes .... WHY, Oh why didn't I re-install that Stick Notes program on the puter so I could find out what I was screwing up working on before I was pulled away? Heh! I can't find it .....

Anyone know the addy for the freebie "Sticky Notes" program I had installed on this machine last month? I'll dance at your wedding if you can give it me!!!

Cat break! Lil Daddy Kitty, (Buddy Bear) just wandered in through my line of vision, strolled over to the right wing of the Five Oaks Manor Control Center counter, curled on the plush blanked folded there for that purpose, reached across the clipboard lying on that side of the split keyboard, hooked my little finger and slowly pulled my hand under his chin for a pillow. This last paragraph is being pecked out left handeded, one letter a second or three. Damned Cats anyhow. WHO could ever stand to have one around, getting under foot, stealing your chair, your writing pen, your heart ...... Then again, WHO couldn't?

I'm on the side, headed to the Message Board .... will try to add a little eyecandy, a few more threads, check the messages and then ... on to the EMails. cwmail (at) thewizardsgtpop (dot) com being the business mail box, has become quite active of late. Linkings, orders for web grapics, permissions for use of different written matter, requests for linkages, and requests for additions to this list and that, questions about when this and that are to be added to the Cat's World .... Life is nice in the world of the Cat, in particular MY world of the Cat .... I am behind in almost everything I have begun in the last year, really not sure what I was doing last time on the machine, and not caring one iota .... someone will remind me sooner or later that I promised this and I promised that .... Still two years behind in the Friends' Pets' Photo Album postings, have even lost some blather written for this series of pics and that set of snaps. Glad I'm not being paid production pay for this job. I would be hungry most of the time. On second thought, that's normal for me .... in fact, BREAK TIME .... quick run to the teapot, a hand in the cookie jar, maybe a silent pass at the nibblies box in the fridge, and back to ponder my next major project .... or was that the one I forgot yesterday and left almost finished?

Miaow!!!! Whooooooooo ...... (that's "Later Ya'll" in Kittenish Owleese!) :cool:

Peace and Love one and all .....

I am your Webmaster, Roy York, Sr,
the Wizard they call "Sergeant Pop"

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