Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday - The Intelligence of The Cat

     Earlier in the day, I and a number of other keyboard jockeys, on a private forum we have been hosting/posting/chattering on for years, were discussing, debating, and generally dissing the intelligence of this and that high muckity-muck, and other such highbrow types that attend the 'elite class' schools, and come away with the 'tude that they are above, and are wiser than, those who did the scholarship routine in a more down to earth 'everyman's' school.  These people ofttimes be in positions of high responsibility, ie: politics and other such ..... and feel they are the only ones with the intelligence to handle the particular job they hold down.  (No offense intended if you feel you fit in that category.  We know you can't help it.  We know dad wanted you to go there, or possibly the head of the house, Mom!)  
     Somewhere down the line it dawned on this old 'scholarship recipient' that the true genius comes in a hell of a lot smaller packages than the individuals we were speaking of .....
     Here, for everyone's edification and general information, is one of the True intellects, and confirmed rulers of the present day world in deep contemplation of one of our major problems the 'wise one' humons haven't been able to solve. 
He's working on the problem at hand, concentrating in both the German and the English languages,  Of course, when the solution to  the major problem is arrived at, this little genius will disclose his simple and most straightforward solution in his OWN language, Catish, which, to this day, NONE of these 'leaders and shakers' of the world have been able to understand.    

     I'm sure all this has made some of you wonder, "What is going on here?  What is this crazy old Man talking about?
     Actually, I'm talking about one of 6 little cats that rule my world daily, and, I might add, with a firm paw.  They are wise beyond the human contemplation.  They know when their beans are hungry, they know when their beans are sleepy, they know when their beans want to wake up and go into the kitchen and prepare food for them, open the doors for them, clean the windows for them so they can watch Bird TV, make a lap for them ..... Why is it they know all this when WE don't?  What school did they go to?  Do they look down their noses at those with 'less' intelligence and learning than they?  
     Just a few thoughts for everyone to mull around and consider the next time they start talking about the 'leaders and shakers of the world!'

      Just look at this intelligent little guy.  He's always considering the problems of the world, the faults of the beings that populate all corners of the world, and, at the same time solving the problems his brofurs and sisfurs have to contend with while caring for, raising and training a couple of  'lesser beings', namely the Large One and the Small One.
     Is not this a prime example of the upper echelon of 'Intelligent Beings' of the world?  Lets face it!  Cat is King!  Cat is our superior, our leader, our teacher.  
     Just a few thoughts here ....
     Now, a brief note for all: Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Page on FaceBook has been cancelled, as has my account, Roy York Sr.  Buddy will confine his and his clowdermates appearances on the interwebs to this Blog, House Panthers Blog, and an occasional guest appearance on KnightOwl's Roost Blog.   Buddy's Web Site is still on line and open to public view.    
     We're sorry to leave the popular social networks, but we've run into too many unsavory types, namely those who thrive on spamming, slamming, and general disruption.  I'm too old for that crap, so I'm staying where I am, where my friends are, and where I can make a few comments off the top of my head without someone going ballistic and reading words into what I post.    
     Sorry, for the lengthy note, but there it is.  End of note.
     Buddy and the girls and boys will try to continue in a timely manner here.  I'll not make promises I can't keep, but knowing the Bear, we'll be around more often now.  
     Y'all come see us when you can, and everyone take care, be safe, stay warm and dry, look to the care and protection of the little outsiders during these bad winter days ahead.

Here's wishing each and everyone visiting here a verry Merry Christmas.
Should you not be one to celebrate the Christmas Holiday,
then here's to much Holiday happiness in any form or fashion you choose.
Have a great rest of the year, and don't forget to hug your pets.
~Lisa and Roy Sr,
 and Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Tegar, Rowdy, Ms Princes and Ms Smokey~


  1. Well duh, of course we kitties are more intelligent than humans! Only a fool would ever believe different!

  2. Yep, Sparkle is right on that score. :-)

    We wish you all a happy Yule and merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. We like our blog, too, over FB. It's a nice, caring community. We thought FB might reach a little farther, though, so I guess we'll continue.

    Have a wonderful holiday. Yes, my furriends, Julie did go to a state university because of its excellent communications department and has no regrets. We love down to earth and will continue to be so.

    Take care. May the new year be filled with blessings for all of you.

    Tom, Mittens and mom Julie

  4. Buddy Bear is indeed a fine example of the utter supremeness of cats the world over!!

    Yay! Take care

  5. Oh yes, we believe that cats are very intelligent beings. We've always thought that. We are sorry that you've had to deal with less-than-polite people on social networks. . .but we'll continue to visit your web page. :-)

  6. My cats not only control us ,but the dogs as well. I have a Hushy(A big dog). All Dusty has to do is stare at her long enough and Sabrina gets off her bed and gives it to Dusty. We have started calling Dusty The Godfather. She is in total controls of everything .

  7. We agree that kitties are smarter than any human with degrees (Sorry, Dr. Mom Paula).

    Truffle and Brulee

  8. Cats should rule; no doubt about it. But I think Au might be a little bit of a dictator!

  9. Catz Rule ^..^ :)))))) waz dere any doubt ^..^

    da mom sayz she sorry you haz so many troublez on FB ....
    Merry Chrismouse ^..^ x6 +1 Purrz ~


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