Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thursday - Buddy and the shrinking Basket

     Once upon a time, way up there in the 'up there' where Ceiling Cat lurks, the senior kitty type, the one Small One calls Cuddly Chops, went to take a nap in the basket originally placed up there for the resident House Panther, MikiCato, who, at the time was, either indisposed, or maybe tucked into the bed/nest/basket that the senior kitty type originally wanted but couldn't sleep in because the House Panther one was already sleeping there.
     Like that fancy writing, Huh?  Read on, I gots more!
     Now, as I was saying, Buddy Bear hopped into the basket 'up there' and tried to settle down.  Now, we know he had done this (settled down) in that self same basket in times past, fit well, and slept well (or at least was quiet and did not bother the Beans for most of the day), but for some reason this particular day, something was just not right.  

"Dis ting done shrunked on dis side.  I gots no rooms to gets ma
head down insides to sleeps"

"an I don't gots room back chere for da rest of myselfs .....
da foots and da tail fluff jus don fits in.
Is sumptin wrong chere.  I wants to sleeps in da baskit and I
nots got da room and I not happies lak dis"

     So, our fine flufftailed ManCat hero kitty, hopped out, took a couple steps down the shelf the mysteriously shrunken basket was attached to, heading toward the 'way down' from up there when he suddenly came upon the greatest discovery of the day!   The basket was too small, but the shelf was not!
     The day was NOT a total loss after all.  
     Then there was peace, bliss, and total 'out and buzzing'.  The little ManCat's humans were allowed to fend for themselves until such time as the much needed cat nap was at a successful end.  Somehow, they managed to survive this most frustrating and depressing absence of the owner and leader of the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.  Buddy Bear has slept.  The basket did NOT win out this day.  All is well in the SouthWoods.

"Zzzzzzzzz ........"

     Have a good day, everyone be safe, stay warm and dry, look to the outside pets and other critters that need our help during the winter months, and come see us at one of our blogs or web sites.  You'll find the list on the right of the page ..... well, somewhere over there.  You just gotta look for it.  Buddy keeps moving it around, up and down ....
     I feel loved .....
     I am

     Roy Sr
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
theWizard they call Sgt. Pop


  1. Buddy - you are one determined kitty! good for you! Take care

  2. Oh my goodness! He looks so cute hanging out of the basket.He almost fit..
    Your Buddy is just adorable. I enjoy visiting your blog too. I just love the way you write. You really have a talent for writing..wish I did. Anyway you,Buddy and the rest of the bunch have a Great Day!!!

  3. I agree with Old Kitty--Buddy does not give up!

  4. Oh what a blissful nap to end up in.

  5. Buddy, you look cute hanging out all over your box. We'd love to come and share!

  6. Hehe my oldest cat used to continue to try to sqeeze into his tiny bed from when he was a kitten so pictures like this make me smile :o)

  7. Man, WE just hate it when the basket shrinks! We keep telling Mom but she ignores the problem!

  8. Buddy, we admire your unyielding persistence! :)

    By the way, we LOVE your new blog header, friends!

  9. How smart you are, Buddy Bear! You figured out the solution. Great picture of you on the header. It shows your floofy self to purrfection.

    Laura and Taffy

  10. We love gigantic, medium and teeny-weeny beds. We welcome all sizes! Because depending n our mood, sometimes we like to stretch out, other times we can like to curl and snuggle up tight.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  11. Hi!
    Thanks for commenting on my Fundraising for Cat Protection Society post! Just wanted to let you know of an update with my fundraising page - I've decided to give people more incentive to donate by doing 2 giveaways. The fundraising page will be active for 6 months so at the end of the first 3 months I'm going to draw all the donors out of a hat and they will win their choice of anything from my Etsy store (there will be even more cool art and apparel in there soon too!). At the end of the 6 months I'll do it again :o)Just wanted to inform you of the update, and thanks again for visiting The Purr Diaries!!!
    Sarah xo

  12. Mieow, thanks for being furriends on FB. Please visit me in my garden when the sun is shining.

  13. It's a cat thing to be adaptable and as long as it's "up high," it's cozy and sleep worthy as you saw, Buddy Bear!

    Hope things are going well for you in the southwoods, even if the wind is gettin' to howlin' a little and old man winter is on his way. Stay warm, keep mom and dad happy and enjoy the holiday spirit, effurrybody!

    Tom, Mittens & Mom Julie

  14. ooooh we LOVES high places too - they're PURRfect for napping! We're glad you figured out that if the basket didn't work, the shelf did!

  15. Sure mus be Warm & Cozy up there ^..^ ...don't look like too much room fur a bigger bed up dere,,, so we guess you might have to shrink abit ^..^ Sweet Dreamz ~

  16. Did someone put the basket in the washing machine? That might have shrunken it ;)

  17. Hope you're all doing well over here and are getting excited about Santa's arrival ;o)

  18. Whoaa... It's amazing that basket hasn't fallen over and onto the floor!!!

  19. I hate it when things shrink up like that!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

  20. Glad you got some rest Buddy Bear. After all, rest is very important!



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