Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday - Just talking

     I wonder if I can get away with another pictureless day here ..... just fill the space with words.  Only problem is I have nothing earth-shattering to say, neither, I'm sorry to say, do any of the 6 Mouskateers.  At least when I left the fun room headed to the computer room I had 2 escorts, UNTIL we came to the end of the hall.  There the choice was open the door and go hunting in the closet, OR,  either turn left into the bed room where the big family feather bed is or chose the third alternative of turning right into the room with all the stuff and things on and along the walls and the big 'U' shaped computer console/counter type/desk looking/thingie parked in the middle in the center of the room.
     Now, when I said "Computer Room" to the little guys it was like talking to the wall.  They turned the other way, hit the bed with a bound, curled quickly and as I glanced in, both gave me a strong badmouthing about going the other way.
     I'm all alone in here, unless, of course, you don't count the furrball foot warmer wrapped around my bare naked foot under the counter.  Buddy was here waiting for his 'pillow foot'.  Now he's asleep after the usual very energetic and rough-tongued bath my poor foot endured.  At least he couldn't get to the bottom of my foot.  THAT is off limits, trust me.
     Anyway here I am, and I'm all alone on the keyboard.  Too hot outside to go out and mess with anything out there, even too hot for the girlfuzzes to come out of their cool hiding places to play escort and romp with their Bean.  What to do, what to do ...... that is the question.
     Well some would say I should "get a life and quit blathering like a bored old man", others would say "get of and stay off the web when you don't gots nothin to say" ..... still others would just click off and not come back.
     I say, I can think of nothing better to do than peck away on this keyboard and irritate the people that have nothing better to do than read along here and then, when they realize I have nothing to say, post some nonsensical nothingness in the comments section just to see their post there.  Not sayin there are any folks what comes here that does that, although this post just might get them started.  Whatever!
     Ain't the interwebs grand.  You can do all kinds of crazy things and still not have to fight off the dudes in the white suits carrying the strait-jacket.
     Maybe I should delete this and just walk away!  Maybe ..... maybe not.
     In closing I will say, everyone take care, take care of your owners (I'm talking to the humanbeans here), and do make sure the little outsiders have plenty of water, cool places to go where the sun and the heat won't hurt them, and don't forget the softie din-din or the attention they need.
     OK, this crazy old Cat-dude is finally getting some attention from the other three ManCats.  They are all on the wing (desk side) of the counter behind me (It's a close fit in here, I tell ya) meowring at me, swatting me on the head and shoulders for attention, and generally acting like a bunch of spoiled  fuzzbutts.  To be truthful, they are wanting their catnip fix.  I've refused them that thrill for the past three days.  Time to give in and pamper them.  They earned it after all.  At least I don't have to go out in the heat of the afternoon and give the girls nip.  They'd just sniff, turn their noses up at it and saunter off under one of the lounge chairs in the shade.
     I'm gone.  I promise something more interesting next time in, and too, pictures.  We gotta have pictures don't we.
     Y'all take care, be safe, and come when you can.  I've a lot of catching up to do on the Blogs, so I had best get with it.
     Later .....

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  1. Uncle Roy and Buddy Bear,
    It's your blog and it's your life. You can do what you like with it. We kinda like your ramblings. That's why we keep coming back. purrrr *giggles*

  2. Awwww the kitties know blogging is your own time so have left you to it - but not for long cos they need your company too!

    Take care

  3. Well, you made me read it!

    I don't think you received the news, but Beignet went to the Bridge yesterday to join Praline. He was only 11 weeks old and developed a VAS (Vaccination associated fibrosarcoma) and required a second surgery to remove more tissue. Unfortunately, he died on the operating table.

    Mom Paula

  4. Paula, thanks for the heads up. I have now been to your site.

    All our thoughts and good wishes are with you. Take care.


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