Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Throwaway pets? Shame on You!

     I took a bit of a rehab walk around the perimeter of my humongous acre of land here at Five Oaks, SouthWoodsUSA this morning.  Had my little outside girl kitties escorting me.  They never once looked over their shoulders as if to say "Do we turn here, or stay on the acre?"  It's their world and they are content with it.  And they take care of their 'Bean', their 'Large One', their 'pet'.  [Unless you have cats (pets) of your own you will never understand the relationship there, trust me.]
     Little cats, (the outside two, and the inside four) own me, run my life, and control my daily activities as if they are getting paid big bucks for the task.  All I did a few years back was feed them (the two outsiders) some treats when they made their first appearance on the Cat Porch here.  Some folks say I 'bribed them to stay', 'outright stole the little animals', 'should be ashamed as they were some little child's favorite toy'.  I notice over the years, though, that NOT ONE of those mouthy people would lift a finger to help a starving 'animal' or give shelter out of a storm for one.
     I think you get what you give.  I give what I can, and take only what is freely given to me.  I was given those two little hearts by the owners themselves and I hold them in my heart with great love.
     What brought this on?  Well, I'll tell you.
     Two more little creatures were thrown out of a moving car in front of my house the other day while the occupants of the car (or maybe I should call it a 'mobile ghetto blaster) sat laughing and chattering while the little cats skittered and bounced across the (thankfully) soft grass and undergrowth across the road.  I've seen them twice now, still on that side of the road, wandering around.  I'm sure they are getting food from several of the neighbors up and down the road, but still, I KNOW they do NOT have a forever home.
     I can't afford to house and feed more now, what with the two that come regularly at meal time, and the two little heathen bandit raccoons slinking in in the early morning hours to lick the dinner bowl clean of the crunchy dinners we leave out 24/7 for our own kitties, an occasional opossum, as well as the little rodents from the bean field and the overgrown pond in the field behind the house.  Still, we hope they survive, more so we hope they find a caring family to give them a forever home.  If they come across and want to move in, so be it.  I will do my best to accommodate them with food, water, shelter, and love.
     One can only do what one can.
     I despise people who consider cats and dogs simple animals and treat them like disposable playthings.  As the saying goes, "The more people I meet, the more I like cats (and dogs)!"
     Please give a stray or feral a home today, if only until you can find a forever home for them.


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  1. Buddy Bear,
    I hope that one day those hoomans will be thrown out of a moving car instead! purrrr *giggles*

  2. My human actually does not care for a big portion of the human race. She knows there is a WAY larger percentage of good kitties (like about 100% of us!).

  3. Hello there! Me and my cat Charlie have popped over to say hi. We are horrified to read about these kitties thrown away like these. HORRIFIED. We wish these people grow painful boils and sores were the sun don't shine!

    We are just glad that you are around to look out for these precious kitties! Thank you for being there for them! Hello too to all your own kitties! Take care

  4. I am so unhappy to read this and although not usualy a mean person I wish that they get a taste of their own medicine. How could they. I so hope that the two little one's get some loving that they deserve. Give me a loving animal heart any day.. They know how to give love.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. I'm right there with you on that one fur sure!

  6. That would make me so angry! What is wrong with people? I actually have a button with that saying on it--and it's so true sometimes.

  7. Roy, you are so right! Some people utterly disgust us, and we like cats and dogs better than a lot of humans (and we use that term loosely), too. Thank you for doing what you can for so many.


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