Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday - Keeping the Paw In

I just had to catch this one one late night session at the keyboard.
I had curled in bed, reading late, and had allowed himself to
curl up on my right arm as has been his habit for over 9 years,
when I realized I needed to check something on the PC.
He followed, took his place in front of the monitor
and immediately collapsed and went back to sleep..
He'll be 10 in June of this year (2011) and he's still
Dad's little armful of fluffy Bubba kitten ,
Mom's Cuddlychops, and the caretaker
and keeper of the Clowder York.

     Not that I think it's all that grand a shot, but I do likes my Big Guy's little paw, more often than not, hanging in my way when I set about typing something of great import on one of our many and varied spots and places on the WWW.  Many's the time Buddy Bear has knowingly put both paws in and attempted to do the whole post without me.
     It's only a picture after all, but more than a few have, and will again, Ooooh and Aaaaaah over the little paw.  So here it is again.  And it is the sum total of today's post ..... at least the morning's post ..... we'll see if the proposed afternoon post will be more interesting or no .....
     I wonder if  there have ever been any sane Cat People in the world.
     Why do I ask this?  I guess, simply put, I don't feel sane sometimes when, after writing and posting a daily Blather Blog, or even just another 'of the moment'  replies on one of the many Friends' Blogs I follow and enjoy making comment on after reading back over what I just 'said.'  Sometimes I wonder "who the hell put THAT in my Blather."  Then I realize it's just my heart talking.
     Call me old, senile, say I'm loosing it, say I've lost control and am just babbling ..... Say what ever you care to about me, but DO NOT badmouth my Kitties.  And especially not if you are planning on visiting Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA™ in the near, or even far, future.    
     Just sayin .....

Those little paws can get into some mighty fun mischief
atimes, then other times .....
Well, we shall see what we can catch him at in the very near future
The camera see's and knows all.

     I must say, with all the love and fun happening around here, I feel loved.
     Here's to the same fuzzy feeling for one and all reading along here.   
     Later .....


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  1. That's Buddy's way of saying: TALK TO THE PAW! har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Special is the word that comes to mind, they all are and so are you for recognizing the love they give and share!

  3. Of course the mom is "oohing" and "aahhing" over that paw! It just begs to be smooched!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. First of all, adorable paw shot! Secondly, I think cat people are a special sort, sane or not. :-)

  5. That is a cute little paw. We would never bad mouth any kitties - not ever!

  6. That's one gorgeous paw! Good post there Buddy bear!We kitties will have to practise our typing skills.

  7. What a thoughtful and sweet post! I love your writing style and I can always tell you are "speaking" from the heart in every post.
    I agree that the power of the paw can make a "cat person's" heart go pitter patter and can make us be unable to type because of their paws getting in the way but I wouldn't change that for the world!

  8. We love that paw :)
    Mom is a bit crazy about her furbabies(us)
    That is as it should be!! We kitties were meant to be adored :) We have her well trained too, heeheehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  9. We love the two-toned pads on Buddy's paw!!

  10. Now theese is one excellent paw! No wonder you are gaga over it...And my Human's not a sane cat people either (hopefully she doesn't read my comment here, she might not want the news to get out...)

  11. I love cat's paws too! I love the two toned pads too.


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