Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday - The new Barkie in the Family

     This is Tegar's tale, so I'll let him tell it.  I'll just type it for him.  His paws just aren't made to fit the keyboard very well.  'Sides, I am faster than he is ...... at least in this one thing.  Now anything else, forget it.  Whatever ..... on with his story.

Not sure what to thinks of the new invader in da house
thankfully IT not living here
it too much trouble, it leak all the time,
and it eat our crunchy din din.
Barkies be NOT our choice of new brofurs and sisfurrs.
I keeps my eye on this one! IF it come back.

and it gots my plastic play toy first thing in the door
I not talks about it.  Da Small One can iffin she wants.

Dis de noisy, leaky one.  Him kinda cute I has to admit, but 
I never did likes dorgs.  They just yappy, yappy, yappy alla times
All dat dorg talk and dey never says nothin 
Now if da Big One's lookalike boy humon, Roy Jr,  gots a kittykat 
Dat would be funs and games.
Sometin wrong wif him ......
And da dorg needs new name ..... Jasper?
Dat no name for Barkie or KittyKitty.

     Well, now you know.  The story will be continued soon.  I'm sure Tegar will have lots to say about the new barkie and his stealing of the favoured toys.  
     I'm staying out of that argument myself.  That's for them to straiten out.  Just hope someone is near with a camera.  It should be fun.  
     I would like to thank everyone following along with the Mouskateers, Lisa and Me here.  The layout was needed.  The encouragement was also needed.  And both worked quite well.  Depression is a hell of a dangerous thing to be lurking around in a person's mind.  Now the house will be better lighted, the two of us will spend more time outside the house, if for nothing more than to chase the evil one away.  And we will take more interest in what's happening with our friends on the WWW.  You all are good medicine.  Thank you. 
     We feel loved.
     Later .....




  1. A DAWG? OMC we are concerned! VERY concerned! As only a Cat can be.

    Eagerly awaiting the next installment...

  2. Tegar,
    A yappity dawg? NO!!!!!!! Unless you can train him to behave like a kitty. purrr.....meow!

  3. A very cute little Barkie one! Just make sure u kitties show the Barkie one who is Boss!!

  4. Well, it's a cute little woofie. Maybe you can convince it that it is a kitty!

  5. Forgot to say that your photos look really good, sharp and bright :)

  6. Weeeell, this doggie almost looks like a kitty and is the size of a kitty. . .but still, the toys are yours after all! Maybe your people will get some toys for the dog and you won't have to share yours.

  7. Keep that doggie
    he looks so cute :-)
    Maybe its nice to have one dog and many cats ;)))

  8. Hope he learns who is boss real quick! Sure is cute tho - not much bigger than us cats.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  9. We are so not sure about that woofie, no matter how cute!

    -Fuzzy Tales

    P.S. The mom is well-acquainted with depression, she and it are old "friends," and yes, the CB is good medicine! :-)

  10. I think that Tegar could tame the yappy doggie.but not sure that bubba would allow it.

  11. Looking forward in hearing the next segment of Tegar's story. Who knows, maybe Tegar and the dog could be friends.

  12. Oh no!!!! A visitor - I hate them too - especially dogs.... my thoughts are with you...

  13. What a little cutie! A silky terrier like our Gremlins next door. Furry sweet.

  14. Wonderfull Photos.
    Cats und Dogs - could be friends.

  15. My mother used to say about my sister and me that we fought like cats and dogs. Good luck Tegar :-)

  16. This is a furry cute Barkie.
    We all kitties here live with a doggie since years. We are friends. Sometimes he let Luna sleep in his doggiebed.
    Luzie sleeps near the doggie back near back on the sofa.
    We are sure you can become friend with the barkie, Tegar!!!

  17. OMC !!! Yappy Yappy ..Sound like Mr Ben, The woofie of My neighbor.
    Stay there, Stay safe Tegar !!!

  18. Well, that's a cute woofie...he's not much bigger than us cats!!

  19. Teager, you are such an enlightened being to allow a new woofer around you. I don't know that my sister and I would put up with one of "them." And our mommy suffers horribly with depression herself, which always distresses us. Be sure to keep snuggling and loving the only way a cat can do.

    Purrs to you,
    Miss Bella

  20. A dog? I like how you folks opened your hearts to such a cutie! The kitties'll get used to him. He looks a lot like our other friend, Pip.

    Soak up some of that warm for us in the north country. We still have snow around. 'Course we'd love to send you some!

    Have a good week!



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