Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday - MikiCato

     I went in search of this little cat.  I drove quite a few miles before I found him, his Mom, and the rest of the litter of 5.  They had just been dumped outside on the patio of the house he and his sisters were born in.  The Small One was shocked that I took 'another black cat' instead of taking one of the beautiful little girls.  She knew why I wanted the little boy, but she just wouldn't admit it.
     I was missing my two handsome little black guys, Princess Ebony's eldest son, Terry Lee, and the younger, Jon Tommy.  I had had to put them down a few short months before.
     We had Buddy Bear in residence, he was a sweetheart, and he had already taken his place as the leader of the clowder (actually he WAS the clowder) although Princess Ebony was still with us.  He had already chosen his sleeping spot:  in the big bed by my side, sleeping on my arm on the pillow.  10 years and he is still there, but, at the time,  I needed my little House Panther to make things complete.
     Anyway, here's what we had the first afternoon we brought MikiCato home to Five Oaks Manor.

MikiCato getting acquainted with his new Small One
first day in his Forever Home.
He became #1 knitting helper
even helped her press the finished item
that evening before bedtime.
Of course he slept on the Baby Dress after she pressed 

Sometime the next morning 
he was taken out for some sun and fun
Little guy did NOT like the tall grass
He was under the cedar tree when I called him
He came at me on the run
Meowring like something was after him
Within a week he was a total house cat
and never looked back.

In short order he took over the duties of 
paper-holder-downer for the Small One
I've never heard a word from her
complaining about the little black spot on her book
or her knitting patterns.
May 2nd of this year he will have been pressing papers and books
for the Small One 8 years.  
Seems the books have shrunk a good bit over the years.

The first hour in house, the little guy hit the sleepy place
Naturally I made sure it was in MY arms
Later the Small One tried to hold him so he could take another nap
But he ran to me.
I felt loved.
I still do.  
Now, though, he doesn't quite fit there.
My lap seems to be the best place for the big rangy House Panther.
Neither of us complain about life much.
We are content.

     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....





  1. We're so glad he was rescued and that he's had such a wonderful forever home with you!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. I can't believe that some people won't have a black cat....such a wonderful, loving boy!!

  3. Oh, your post is so sweet and so are the photos. You both were fortunate to find each other.

  4. Lovely to see MikiCato's story. He's such a cute fellow and well loved by yourself and Lisa.

  5. A very special little guy and a very special relationship!

  6. Errr....how did he get to be named MikiCato? purrr....meow!

  7. As to the story of how MikiCato got his name Angelina, you'll have to keep reading here. That is one of the "7 things folks may not know about us", which we are way behind in posting.

    Heh! You think I will blow my chance at building some suspense here? Not ME! NEVAH! :^)

    That story will be forthcoming, I promise.


  8. That is such a sweet story. MikoCato looks so comfortable in your arms. I am so glad that you chose him.

  9. That is such a wonderful story and I'm so happy...I just love great rescues and adoptions!


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