Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday - The Big One's 'Furby'

     Lately I've been calling him 'Furby'.  My little guy answers, and comes running.  Heh!  He even barks at me sometimes.  Yeah, I know.  Cats do NOT bark.  Well we never told this fluffy butterball he was a cat.  He never asked.
     I look in on him sometimes when he's been missing from the activity around the house, and 9 chances out of 10 he will be curled up in my 'warm spot' on the big bed.  When he sees/hears me, the little head comes up and I get a 'Wooh, wooh, wooh, that, to these tired old ears sounds just like a little dog giving sweet talk to someone.  Well, he IS a motormouth after all.

2005 found young Buddy Bear antsy, happy, and healthy
full coated, an easy little cat to maintain
single coated (a Ragamuffin), he very seldom gets 
a brushing.  Of late he has taken to nervously chewing his fur short
where ever he can reach it.
He is NOT a good barber I can tell you that.
He doesn't care.  He's a Cat.
He's healthy, he doesn't hurt himself, so we let him be.

Lately folks are making mention of how cute, handsome, and cuddly looking he is.
Talking about his four spots around his nose 
..... a four leaf clover one visitor said 
I'm prejudiced 150% about by Buddy 'Bocephus' 'Bubba' 'Cuddly Chops' Bear
One time, while playing with a tweaking program, I marked this picture
Showing his beauty mark and his funnily tipped tail.
Let him outside and you can NOT miss seeing that white tip
as he tries to make good his escape through the high grass.
The beauty mark is always the last thing I see before
we turn out the lights in bed at night.

     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....





  1. Hello! Thank you for introducing yourself to us yesterday and thank you for becoming our newest Google Friend Connect follower! We are following your blog too and we love it! I would love to feature your blog in next Thankful Fur 3 Friends Blog Hop! Can I borrow a photo of yours and if so which one?
    I love the beauty marks on Buddy and I can see he's quite a character!

  2. Aww, we like his beauty mark. It must be so nice to have that be the last thing you see when going to bed.

  3. Everyone brush up on your grammar. We now have a teacher in our midst. :^)

    Welcome to our clowder's playhouse. Email in your box with an alternative if you can't find a pix on the blog or in the Website you like.

    And yes, Buddy is a character. After all, as it says on the front page of our forums on http://z15.invisionfree.com/SouthWoodsUSA/index.php?act=idx , Characters are welcome.

    Rene: it is so nice to bury my nose in the little one's ruff and go to sleep with that fresh smell he always has.

    Thanks, Ladies, for the visits.

    Ya'll come when you can. I'll be here if and when.

  4. Hello Buddy Bear,
    Very nice to meet you, I'm Mr. Puddy !!! Thank you so much to visit my blog. My dad always told me " I have the woofie's habit some time " but I'm not really listening to him, you know ? because a cat is a cat and I never convert to be a dog anyway .

    Please have a wonderful day !

  5. He has a lovely beauty mark. Some cats do know how to fetch like dogs.

  6. My buddy is so un-catlike with his short little legs, and so easy going it is unreal.he is just one bundle of love rolled up in a furball

  7. We'z sweet on Buddy Bear and can see that he must be a real gem!


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