Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesday - Staking his Claim

     MikiCato, being a major connoisseur of the fine arts of comfort, snooze and snuggle, tests his fresh laundered blanket the Small One just put down in front of the heater for him.  The striped one is for the other cats, but this one is his.  Lets listen in ......

"Mine, mine, mine
Is so good I gots my own bed blankey
I such a deserving kitty after all"

"Is hard works making up a bed
I gots my cuddle stringy toy,
now if could gets the Big One to make me a tunnel
him is good at making things"

"I thinks himselfs has been here
it look like hims work
Wonner if I fits in dere"

"Ayup!  Is my size
and it smells so good
still warm too"

"Oh yes, yes, yes
I gonna has a good sleeps tonight
No botherations, no pesky brofurs ....."

"I tinks I talked too much soon like
I hears the sneaky one sneakin up on me
I fixes himself ....."

"RARH!  Heh, heh ...... WHAT?
His is gone.  Where you be big bro?"

"I tolt you I ketch you and I did I did
now you SKAT Kat!
Dis my snuggly place tonites
you goes make Big Ones legs uncirculated numb ..... 
whatever it is hims says you does when you sleeps on dem"

"Well I tooked care of himself
Now I can settle down and nap
Wist I could sleep, but wif himself and da Kid around ....."

"Hey Lil Bro.  
Glads you gots a good snuggle place
Don worries bout da kids.  
I scats en to da bed wif Me n da Beans
Nite nites.  You sleeps good, y'a hears?"

"*sigh* it so good to be one of da favorite kittys in da York house
I glads I picked da Big One to be my Big Bean
well, aktuallay, da Small One is da cutie 'n she smell nice too
I lucky kitty I tinks, I really tin" ................ Zzzzzzzz

     The Small One's feet were warm that night, and the Big One's legs did NOT get the circulation cut in them.   The little guy was warm, slept long, and although he wasn't aware of it, was watched over most all night by the Big One.  Oh, and Buddy slept in the chair just 4 foot from the little guy's blanket nest.  
     It was one of my 'allnighters', one of those nights where I spend the lonely hours in front of the keyboard inventing one of those stories that, hopefully, you people will get a bit of a smile, mayhap even a good laugh out of.  Hope this was one of 'them nights' and the story was acceptable.
     We'll try it all again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tom ........ Zzzzzzzzz
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....

"Each one of our cats is a distinct, four-footed little person with an individual personality."  
~Ira B. Rubin~



  1. It is a very hard thing to keep one spot when you have so many housemates to defend it from! Good job!

  2. Aww, so cute. That's a perfect place to snooze, even if you have to share it a little.

  3. That is one spoiled cat. He not only owns the owl and the house, but everything in it as well. He rules us with a tender paw

  4. We enjoyed the story of the blankie snuggle spot. We are glad you were able to keep it MikiCato. It is a very nice blankie, much nicer than the stripey one.


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