Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday - All tuckered out

     Late getting this one out.  Lots of things going on in RL, many more on the WWW.  Put them together and you make for some tuckered out Kitties and Beans.  And to think I have two more blog posts to write before I can dump my lap robe, MikiCato (the Halloween kitty/house panther), in the feathers and crawl in with the Small One, Miki, Buddy and the rest of the boys.  

He never asks if he can curl up there
I never expect him to
It's like a mutual comfort thing
the warmth of the love we share this way
I am his comfy bed, he is my belly warmer
KikiCato is the Big One's owner

Tegar and Buddy Bear take the first soft spots available
these particular 'beds' adjacent to the Big One's left elbow
at the computer console
That WAS a fresh shirt I had laid out for tomorrow.
it will do just fine.  I love cat hair shirts
so warm, so soft, so hard to wash out
Who cares.  They are allowed.

     "Where is the kid, Rowdy?", you may ask.  In bed with his Small One, what do you think.
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....



  1. There's still space for you on the bed? har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Got to love hairy bed warmers and the such. Nice to lay down by a nice little purr machine that records a beat one can sleep too....

  3. Roy, thank you so very much for your lovely words regarding Annie's passing. It truly is a comfort to know others understand the depth of feeling one can have for a four-legged companion. Often deeper and truer than that of our two-legged companions, I think.

    I'm now following your blog and look forward to reading your posts and seeing the pics, though I'm not sure when I'll feel like commenting regularly again.

    One day at a time.

    Universal Blessings and Peace.

    -Kim @ Fuzzy Tales

  4. you got to love the press they put in shirt getting out the wrinkles giggle

  5. Everyone looks contented and happy...Ms Tasha thanks you for the photo....

  6. Aww, sweet sleepy babies. We have given up fresh clothes too. We just can't stand the thought of disturbing them.

  7. I like the cat hair shirts, Roy! To me there's nothing better than curling up on clothes. They give me happy dreams. Looks like Buddy Bear's got the same thing going on! So cute, says Julie.


  8. Yes, why is that? White fur on everything....


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