Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday night -- we are working late.

     Hey, Hi and Hello.  We're BACK!  Lets start with a random shot of Buddy Bear to get back in the swing of the posting.

Buddy Bear takes charge of the keyboard and all the surrounding goodies
Once I start typing the paws start swatting
He thinks he can type better than I.
Sometimes I think he can.

     We will now commence to begin anew.  I am finally getting back to the fun and games of the daily posting.  We've been out way too long.  The health problems are in check now, and the cats are all filling our days with love, special attention, perpetual pestering, and lots and lots of cat naps and cuddling.  Personally I go for the cuddling and naps, but no one really asked me.  Lets let this one rest for the night and we'll see what Buddy and the Clowder have in store for us tomorrow.
     Y'all come see us when you can.  Talk to us.   

     As always, I feel loved. 

     Later .....




  1. Good to see you back on your blog, Roy!

    It is amazing how cats find the tiniest spot to sleep in and not manage to fall off at the same time. Wonderful shot of Buddy Bear.

  2. Thanks Stephanie.

    It never ceases to amaze me when I find one of them perched on the back of a chair or one of the narrow shelves in the windows dozing away.

    Thanks for the welcome back, and too, the visit. Hope to see you here often. Come when you can.


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