Friday, June 05, 2009

It's Friday and We are Here ...

At least I, the 'big one' are/is/am here. Up at 4 AM. I'm thinking that's like when I was young and working for my beans and franks. Then again I'm thinking, us old coots don't need all that luxurious lolligaging and lazing around like back then. So, next time I know to steer away from hitting the feathers at first meow from Buddy and Miki. Well, the Tegar and Rowdy Heathens had a paw in it too, so .....

Anyway, I been perusing the new 'Friends of the Mousekateers's' Blogs and News Blurbs, and I gots the impression that this Blog Posting thingie is a regular, every morning dyed in the wool, gots to do it or I starts the day off on the wrong paw, with the Cat friends of the Blog World. So I sets my mental (danged if that don't sound like something catching) alarm clock yestidy for the start of sumptin new here at Five Oaks Manor.

The Five Oaks Mouskateers send their Purrs and Chirps to one and all, I says "Where's my Tea?", takes myself off this keyboard, punches the post button and hopes it works. We will try to be more informative and interesting in the future.

They are expecting their every-other-day serving of soft din-din
this morning, so I'm off to the fun room for tea, crunchies, and
a game of musical dinner bowls.

More later ......


  1. Purrssssss to all :)
    Have a nice weekend =^.^=

  2. Indeed. Kitties are enjoying the Grandaughter's presence in the house. Right now all are in the kitchen hoping for some tasties while M'lady and the Kidlett are cooking.

    I'm thinking about joining them. Gotta brush up on my bestest miaow.

  3. Such a purrrrfect setting all in a row Roy, nice seeing you. :)

  4. Thanks Eric, and good to see you here as well.


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