Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm only in for a short update this time around.

I've been hiding from everyone the past few days. Taking a couple ME days as they say. For some reason I've not been able to even think about updates to this Blog much less the Web Site. And the Forum is minus it's Webmaster as well.

If you should ask me WHY this is so I'm afraid I would have to tell you "I have no earthly idea!" At my age answers to even the most simple questions are few and far between, even the "made up" ones.

What ever the case, time marches on .... the files (in particular the photo files) are growing day by day. Some great photos in there ... even the snapshots are great.

We have a new template (basic page layout to those not knowing) we hope to integrate into the main web site and even the attached sites. With that in mind you can mark Buddy Bear's Cats' World Web Site and "Still under construction!", but you may NOT mark it "down for maintenance" by any means. We are trying to work around the blank spots, smooth over the rough spots, hide the mess, and keep things going.

Maybe I should be working on the Web Site instead of doing this "Blather" as I call the post I have on the Forum for much the same thing. For the curious that's The Wizards' Blather .

To be specific, this is supposed to be where I tell everyone that I have updated this and that page, give you the links to go there, and generally encourage you to visit our site. Hey, I'm good at doing things like that. Just not right now. The old KnightOwl/Wizard, Sgt.Pop is at outs with himself and the WWW. Oh, I have been reading along daily (at least once a day) on the Forums, and too, on my friends forums. But, I've not been up to posting. Hope to change that short like.

So, take a deep breath, reach up and hit the proper link/button/Bookmark and go see what is going on at the Forum Buddy Bear's Cats' World which, by the way is one of two that we run on the Worldcrossing Site. The other (as if I hadn't told you before) is The City.

With this post I call my day ended. Ya'll come see us again, here, as well as at the the Web Site and the Forums.

I am your Webmaster, Roy York, Sr,
the Wizard they call "Sergeant Pop"

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