Friday, November 23, 2012

Day after Thanksgiving Grand Entrance

     I would wish, one and all a Good Morning, but ...... let me fill you in on the situation here .....

I awoke just past the 8th hour of the morning, a dull, gray, damp, misty day at that, with a double armful of cats, one yellow, one black, while the two tuxedos, one black and white, one gray and white, were pile on their Small One.  She, (the Small One) by the way, slept through it all, and is still sleeping through all what's being noted here in this, our detailed transcription of 'what's happening in the SouthWoodsUSA™'.  So news of Herself will come at a later time/date than this.  That said, we shall continue.  
     Since I seemed to have gotten my sleep out, I arose to tend to my morning ablutions, was escorted, as has been the norm for the better part of 8 years, by the little yellow cat, in passing was badmouthed by the gray and white cat, darkly glared at by the lithe little black cat, and ignored by the large black and white cat ..... I quietly gathered up my garb for the day, slunk down the hall, turned on heaters first thing, and dressed with intentions of embarking on several heroic tasks of necessity inside and outside the manor house.
     Well, I'm sure you know all about first good intentions of the day.  Mine were shot in the butt, this morning, just as soon as I realized I did NOT have to be up and stirring this early, was not, actually being PAID to do any of these things that were NOT even on the 'honey-do' list, and several other realizations (aka excuses), most of them being not worthy of mention here.
     So!  Here I am, blathering in the Cats' Blather Blog instead of doing so in My Blog, which has been literally ignored for well nigh over a year now.  Seems I can't bring myself to differentiate between personal blogging and 'cat' blogging.  I've even found myself blogging in the forums, found on a very nice server with the name of Able Minds, even on our little part of Google+, and too Our Personal Forum on proboards.com by the name of Five Oaks Manor.  Yeah, now you get the idea ..... spreading the old mind a bit thin on too many places.
     Well, the mind wasn't all that old when we started all this hoopla and senseless blather.  And, as is usually the case with the (then) soon to be retired people, no precise plan of action was developed.  We just went with the wind, followed the many friends we made almost daily, from one site to the next, weeding out this and that site for first one thing and then another.  Long story short, we are pulling in our tentacles, settling in to what time has shown us is the best of the best, well, with a few odd 'newbie' trial spots ..... only one of those now actually.
     Have I mentioned, in past years, that I sometimes tend to wander, word wise, talk too much, and generally distract from the main subject no matter where I go?   Oh, yeah!  I just did.  And, that I do, more often than once, butcher the English language ..... well that can be excused when you are reminded that I am NOT English, not one little tiny bit of me.  I'm that Cherokee, Irish, Scottish lad what got tangled up with that tiny Sicilian, Italian, French, Hungarian, German Lass with the big dark eyes that hooked me in a short time while I was visiting in her resident country of Germany.  THAT subject is also due to be brought to light in another of the planned/upcoming episodes of the KnightOwl's Blather.
(A reminder here:  I am the KnightOwl:  the name being the nom de plume I assumed when we went into the 'forum posting business' big time well over a decade ago.)  Now, don't take it the wrong way my emphasizing the fact I am NOT English.  I am American, therefore a member of yet another fine, newer race of people that take their roots from one of the 'elder races' found here and there on this big blue marble we call 'home', although, after wandering the world for 16+ years in the uniform of one of the branches of America's armed forces, I feel like just another of the billions of residents of Earth.  Only barrier I feel I have to living the part is/are the many rules/regulations/laws set up, and enforced, by a small few people, most of whom should mayhap never been given the authority to draft/endorse/publish/enforce those items.  And, no, this is not an invite to discuss/debate politics, religion, or even the puzzle afforded us to the question "Who's pickup truck is that parked in the neighbor's driveway while he is away and she is alone!"
     Had enough?  Want out of this particular blather?  Think I should 'get a life' and therefore move my main area of attention to the *shudder* more popular 'social sites' on the WWW?  Been there, attempted to do that, and have almost completely withdrawn from the leading ones.
     Here I started before I delved into the depths of 'those areas sited', and here I'll remain, readers/followers or no!
     Let me cut this episode off right here ..... don't know what instigated this lengthy entry, 'cept maybe the thrill of the, just passed, Thanksgiving day's visit and food fest (the food cooked and served by our youngest son and his Lady, in our kitchen where the Lady of the House was NOT allowed in), the food shared with our youngest daughter, her hubby and three of the grandgirls) ..... all this was NOT planned, at least by Lisa and Me.  Love me some children ..... grands too.
     Life, especially in the holiday season, for me has not been all that pleasant with all the bad memories of lost friends, family, and brothers in arms, All those losses haven taken place in these last two months of the years past.  This year it is definitely a better holiday season just started.
     There may be more readings posted this day ..... maybe tomorrow, whatever!  Just know that Buddy Bear, MikiCato, MS Smokey, Tegar, Rowdy, the Small One, and Me, the Large One, are back with plans to 'not wander off again' .
     As always, I feel loved .....



  1. Nice to see you back blogging in the cat blogging world.

  2. Thanks. We'll have the kitties in charge tomorrow. I just felt the need to run my fingers a mite tonight.

    And thanks for stopping by. I'm on my way over to bother you now.

  3. My dear RoySr (Buddy Bear's father), think that someone who loves you and is far from you ... :)

  4. We are SO going to love following you...
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp


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