Thursday, March 01, 2012

     Well, here we are, back again after a whole month without even saying Hi or Hello.  Seems the longer we go the more often we disappear form the Blogs, and the longer it takes to get back to what we are supposed to be doing here.
     I do thank all those who have made comments here on the blog wondering where we were and if we were alright, and too, the folks that have sent very sweet comments via Email as well.
     Today there will not be much news, or for that matter, any pictures.  Life is not working like we want it to do every day, I guess because, every day we get one day older, and stuff and things get one day more travel worn and weary.
     We have a sick kitty in the house, not sure what is the problem with him, but the problem with us is that we are hard pressed to be able to take him to the vet.  We are watching him very closely, to see what gives with him.
     Maybe we have turned pessimistic and are 'jumping at shadows' with this but I'm thinking we have a little one with kidney infection.  We are hoping this is not true and all will be well.
     All is well with the other Mouskateers.  The two outsiders have three visitor kitties that have been helping keep their dinner bowls clean and spotless.  Add to that, the two raccoons, Mom and wee one (well, not so wee now .... better than half mom's size and growing big time), the crunchy dinner bags are being emptied almost faster than we can replace them.
     The Lady of the House is faring well, although her blood pressure is always a bit of a problem.  Must needs see to a change of meds for her.
     As for me, it is the long time fight with old Arth E. Ritus.  He is more than a major contender for the fight lately.  I am taking my meds when I have no other choice, then I am taking other stuff and things to keep the heart running properly.  Simply said, I am here, I am on the ground running, and I am NOT giving up.  The two of us, Lisa and I, figure we have at least another 25 years to go before we take to the Bridge to be with all the little ones that are waiting there.  The kids say longer because we are to mean and ornery to leave.    
     Sorry if I seem depressing, or am posting boring stuff, just that I am not into making a bit of funny or light hearted blather this morning.  I may should have held off another few days until my Muse and I had our selves more in concert and could post a 'happyfied' bit of patter, but, after all, a month is a long time to ignore your responsibilities.
     Now, after I sign this thing, I will go read as many of the Blogs my friends have updated, the new ones that have been opened since my last trip around the 'following list', and we will attempt to get back to normal posting wise.
     Have a great Thursday, and again Furriday, and of course the weekend.
     Here's love from Lisa and Me, and the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor ..... Rowdy (our little sick guy), Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Ms Princess, Tegar, and Ms Smokey, all of us located down in NE Mississippi in the neighborhood we call SouthWoodsUSA™.
     We will be back .....


  1. We are so sorry to hear that Rowdy's ill - we hope he gets plenty of rest and will feel a little better soon.

    You all take care now - hopefully spring will bring much needed warmth and sun! Take care

  2. I have the same Arth E Ritus. Imagine that. So does brandi. It's very catching when we get older, isn't it. Blood pressure and other things may be helped with diet as well as those nasty pills. No, I'm not lecturing. I take the same pills!
    Hope the kitty feels better. brandi seems to be complaining a bit more, too.
    Glad to see the update. Good or bad, it's nice to know you are still there. Just rusting a bit more, like me.
    Carol and brandi at Catitude

  3. WE hope Rowdy gets better soon. Old age sucks! THat is all there is to it!

  4. I am sending purrs to your sick kitty... and a few for you too!

  5. We hope with Spring on the way that it makes everybody feel better. Purrs to all of you.

  6. Awwwww, we hope you little Rowdy iz not seriously sick :( ^..^ We send loud Purrayerz fur him to feel better.
    We alwayz hear da mom saying jus how difficult thinz are deze dayz....... whether it be getting old az da hillz,,, or da state ov affairz!
    Hopefully Better dayz will be ahead fur All ~
    Purrz to All & soft kissiez to Rowdy ♥♥xoxo

  7. Hey Uncle Roy! Long time no see. Now you don't go disappearing into the woods again, eh? Our purrrayers for Rowdy.... purrr....meow!

  8. Thanks for updating us on what's going on, Roy. We hope the impending spring brings with it some brightness for you all. Big purrs and prayers for Rowdy, and hugs for all of you from all of us.


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