Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning Blather Blog - We're Back

     I'm here!  I'm sorry, but I've been slacking, not only here, but in quite a few places on the 'interwebs' of late.  Even though the Mouskateers have been on my case to get with the postings.  My conscience has been bothering me as well, and with the last couple of emails and a post on the last blog post here, I'm thinking I had best mend my slacker's ways.  With this post I am hereby attempting to 'turn over a new leaf'.  It being the first of my New Year's Resolutions (ain't had none of them things in years), I had best begin.  
     Anyway, I'm sitting here all alone. Lisa and the boys are all abed now, and have been since around 10:30.  Well, my self appointed side-kick, Tegar the terribbul, is curled to my left rear on the corner of the console in his nice comfy little 'doughnut' type bed with the baby blankie tucked in, awaiting my possible movement out of the computer room to 'go wandering he couldn't care less where but will lead me anyway'.
     I'm thinking Miki is getting a case of 'jealous kitty' 'cause of his little brother.  Hell, I can't help liking it.  This little cream coulored kitty curls and lays his little head on my shoulder, or at least my upper arm, so daintily and so self assuredly that I just get the thrill chill when it happens.  I spend so many hours actually, just holding still, not moving, not making any undo movements or sounds, just so I don't wake him or cause him to move away.
     Now, mentioning emails and such, I've one I must needs answer here on the blog if I may!
     Myself says "you can", so here goes.  
     We've had some very nice PMs and Email from several of our friends of late, most inquiring after our welfare and the reasons for our absence from the Blogspot.com sites.  And too, we've had, inter-dispersed amongst those inquiries, the questions concerning spelling of the Names of our Kits, and other such, one more than any other ..... the spelling of the collective title we've attached to our little cat clowder here at Five Oaks Manor.  Mouskateers is the way we handle the spelling.  Simple explanation, Mouseketeers is the name our good old cartoonist friend, the father of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, called his little hero's fan club the one that a good many of us lecherous old farts and fartesses secretly claimed membership in way back yonder in the good old daze!  Enough of that!  The rest we'll consider approaching at a later date ..... (wonder how long I can get away with that 'promise'?)
     Where's the pictures you may ask.  Well, somewhere in the computer on a very scrambled hard drive.  Upon taking on the task of 'cleaning up' and opening space on the external hard drive where I keep backup copies of all the thousands of jpegs, gifs, docs, and other of those assorted and sundry 'interwebs' type titled stuff and thingies I have accumulated over the years since my eldest son (may he get a bad sunburn on his Texas loving half-gray headed self's old nose for having started all this) introduced his dear loving old Pappy to the dreaded and most time consuming World Wide Web, I hit a major snag.  MAJOR!   I had half the storage deleted going for the whole carrot when I realized that all was not acting right on this oversized miniature brain box thingie.  I stopped it shy of half way through the process, checked files on the internal hard drive, and discovered the damn external attachment was shredding both external and internal at the same time.  (I have since deleted that little surprise 'extra added unknown origin's attraction' from the system thankyouverrymuch.
     Short story long, I'm good to go again.  
     It was 'oh woe is me' there for a while until I remembered these newfangled machines (this one I can thank my numerous friends from the forums I'm a permanent member of for having providing for me) have a program called auto back-up or some such.  Stumbling around, I finally found it, and got all my goodies back.  NOW I have about three weeks of off and on work deleting (by hand, one at a time, not by 'auto this and that') the double and tripple copies.  Heh!  Better too many than not any at all I'm thinkin .....  
     Enough of this.  I know I've driven most of you away because of the lengthy babble ..... Blather is what I prefer to label it ..... so I'll cut short right HERE!
     For Lisa, aka Small One, The 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, and Myself, the KnightOwl, aka Large One, or Roy Sr, I'll bid you all, depending on where you live, a fond good night/morning, hope you have a great week, and will come see us again.  
     I (Me, Myself, and I) shall/will be taking more time on the postings here instead of leaving it to the ministrations of the wee ones since, as you all may well know, their paws just are not designed to handle these clackkeys on this board.  I will, however, be closely watched, coached, and prodded on by, MikiCato, Buddy Bear, Ms Princess, Ms Smokey, Rowdy, and little Tegar (my present self-appointed escort, guard, blanket, and occasional alarm clock).  NOTE HERE:  break the Teg from that damn alarm clock habit of his quick like.  I don't need no alarm clock, not even a cuddly one like him. 
     Y'all come see us when you can, take a minute to have a word or three, and we'll be seeing you round about the Blogs.  That's a promise (no crossed paws, or even tails about that!)!!

     As always, I feel loved.
     Later .....


  1. Hey!!!! You're back! We sure miss all you Mouskateers! purrr....meow!

  2. Oh technology is wonderful until it breaks down!! LOL!! Glad you're now all back up and running!!!

    happy Monday! Take care

  3. Being your bean's alarm clock is fun!! And a serious duty, I must say. We never stop our duties, we kitties.
    That's why you love us, right?

  4. Yeah, you are back! Glad you are up and running again. :-)

  5. Computers, ain't they great!They can do wonderful good things and wonderful bad things! But what would we do with out them. WHo wants to go back to doing math with pencil and paper! Or writing letters to pen pals! Not to mention all the medical stuff and so and so on.....

  6. Yep, if this place is a zoo we shall feel right at home here. Jan used to call us Jan's Zoo instead of the Funny Farm.

    Glad you're back.

  7. Hooray! We're glad to see you back up and running! :)

  8. Waz wundering what happened to you guyz ^..^,,,
    Glad your back :))))) Purrz~


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