Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday! Roy Sr speaks.

     As promised we are back, although I have no earthly idea what I'll have to say after today.  Well, that's, I suppose is the fun of writing, and posting, and all that other such.  The Cats are the subjects, and very fun interesting ones for sure, but what do you do for posts and pictures when all the little rapscallions want to do is sleep, and whenever possible, drag you into their cuddle sessions as well.
     I swear I'm beginning to feel like a cat what with all the sleep I'm getting.  That and the fact that I'm usually 90%  (well maybe not quite that much) covered with cat hair.  Last time we vacuumed the house we came up with a 11 pound bag of cat hair.  Even the dust bunnies had cat hair.
     Sorry!  I never was one for major laughable humor.  Still, I give it my best.
     No story today, none of the cats have a story either, and I am not up to the search for a 'photo story' in the files.  New pictures are few and most of those we do have are almost identical to ones we've taken in past sessions.
     I do have one thing to mention here before I attempt to drop a pix of one of the 6 Mouskateers on board.
     Winter is coming ..... for more than a few of us around the world winter is already here.  And more than a few of us have outside pets, or have a few strays and/or ferals lurking around homesteading on the property.  I do hope you will take a few extra minutes a day out of your time to see to it that these little creatures have a warm place to stay, food to eat, and plenty of fresh water.
     Some of you may not have the funds or even the space to see to these humanitarian activities.  If you are one of  least see if you can find friends and/or neighbors who CAN take care of the little one.  That's the least we can do.
     Then there are the ones who really can't be bothered with the 'animals' and actually think they (the 'animals') can take care of themselves on their own.  These people I really have nothing I could say to that would not send most of them into major rants and raves, so I'll not belabor the subject.
     Take a moment to think.  If you were in their places, and they in yours, what would you do.
     I'll drop this one.  At least for now.
MikiCato riding the back
of the Small One's chair.
     Time I quit this rambling, went to the files and pulled a picture of one of the little ones, and called it a day.
     Actually, this is the day I was to be out and about, tending to a few choice chores about the homestead.  Other than taking care of the outside kits living on the cat porch, I decided early this morning that I was NOT going to follow through with the plots and plans made last evening.
     So, now you know!  I am not only retired, I am lazy.  Well, the Cats made me do it.  Honest!Actually, I feel loved!
     Y'all come when you can!
Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop



  1. Cat hair is a great fashion accessory! I've truly come to believe that! LOL!!

    Enjoy your day and thanks for a timely reminder to look out for the other creatures out there in the cold and wet!

    Take care

  2. Hi Roy, We have recently started feeding a feral cat in our neighborhood. Winter is coming and I'm looking for a shelter area for him/her (can't get close enough to tell). Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I'm with Old Kitty; cat hair is definitely a fashion statement. And if I didn't have some on me somewhere, I'd think I wasn't completely dressed!

    Your reminder about winter/cold weather coming is quite timely. Particularly since I've been waking up to 28-30 degrees F in the mornings. And it gets much colder here over the winter.

  4. Those were great words about looking out for the creatures who live on the outside during the winter - they always need some help!

  5. It makes me sad to think of the kitties who do not have a warm home and comfy lap to enjoy.

  6. Hi Roy! That's a really thoughtful and important post, so thanks for writing it. Our friends who manage feral colonies have been working on insulated shelters for the outside cats. And we'll all keep on feeding and taking care of those colonies even when the weather turns bad.

  7. It is hard to come up with material every day. I have been so lax in posting that I should given the worst blogger award!

  8. Thanks, Roy for putting folks in mind of the little critters that need help in the cold weather.

    Coming up with new material can be an effort with cats, who eat sleep, groom, play, and that's about it. We enjoy pics - old or new makes no never mind - with a couple of words if no more comes to mind. Great pic of Miki!

    Laura and Taffy


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