Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday - Feather Watching, by Buddy Bear

     "Da Beans been teezin us Kitties wif dat mess of feavers on da stringy thingy jus sos we not get argicated at da flashy box thingy.  It fun fur a whiles, but my neck done gots a crickey."  

"Dem feavers be gone iffin you don watchit Large One. 
Dat a promise!"

"Me laks to play layin down, and da balls of da Small One's yarn
bes my favorites for dat kind of playin.  I leaves da jumpin and stretchin
and such to da kid kitties.  Yarn unwindin be mor dignificated fur
us 'Senior ManCats' donchaknows?"

"Den dere's da long stringy/fluffy thingies dat da Baby
and da Yellow Fellow laks."

"Corse we done caughts da Yellow Fellow when he been
'playin' wif da red stringey ting.  Look more lak sleepins to me!"

     "Payin is fun iffin you gots a Bean on one end of whateveritbees dat you playin wif.  Some famous types Bean done said dat, but I nots knows who.  Maybe da Large One tells us sometimes when him decides to do da postin.  Now I takes my naps on da counter tween da computer picture thingie and da Large One.  Dat mean dis posk is finisheded!"

Come sees Me and da Mouskateer kitties at da Large One's


  1. Buddy, the mom is so in love with you. :-)

    You're not the same colouring as her angel Chumley, but because you're such a floofy bear, you remind her of him!

  2. Yay for lovely fevvers, strings, balls and lots of toys!! Enjoy!! Happy Saturday! take care

  3. Playing with a people on the other end is the best!

  4. Of course feathers are manly! All the best transvestites wear them :-)

  5. It sound to us like you all know how to have a great time at your house! Enjoy your nap, Buddy Bear. :)


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