Monday, July 04, 2011

ManCat Monday - Buddy On Guard Duty

     We takes a day or three off and da Large One jus gives up on da computyr.  Now, thanks to us making lots of hints and such, da new computyr is on line, doin fine, big time, and da 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor way down in da SouthWoodsUSA is back on da Bloggy Spots.  
     Welcomes to alla yous Kitties, Dorgies, and da Beans too.  Now we gets into some serious stuff and piktures an thingies. 
     Since I de boss kitty type in da house, I takes first go at it ..... aktually I does it 'cause my piktures was de first da Large One done tweakied and put on da Bucket for us to work wid.  

     Da story goes somethin lak dis.

     Small One and Me was just flaked out round da fun room table when we heard the THoE* coming up the hall.   (*Thundering Heard of Elephants)     

No biggie, but one of dem dudes done hopped up on da ledge nex to da tables and was looking lak he done gots the 'attacks' mode goin when he eyeballed MY napkin I wuz holdin.  Den he done taked a looky at Small Ones napkin.  Dat when I rised my tail fuzz and got my 'attacks' mode turned on.

     Bein da head Small One protectorer of da house I done told Small One to watch da hands, and hold da napkins and I takes care of da young upstarts kitties.

     Large One akts lak he want to get in da fights but I tells him to watch da hands and stays out of myselfs' way.  I takes care of dis. 

     As I rises to da attack mode da young upstarts kitties decides dey don wants no butt whoopin round here sos dey don turned round and hopped down .....

and headed back down da hall in THoE mode agin.  I gives dem my famousest SouthWoods Head Kitty "Rarrrrrrh" as dey fumbumbled round da corner inta da beddy room to hide deir mischieviouses butts under da covers.

     I hears dem scramblin and bumblin round in dere sos I lets Small One holds da napkins whiles I takes my position as Guard Kitty on duty.  Dey not comes in agin tonights. 
     Dat what happenin here, now what happenin at your place tonights?
     While's I thinkin bout it, I late but We all hopes da Canada folks done had a good Canada day on Fidaday.  Y'all can now comes on crost da border and celebrates the other half of the holiday weekend wif usens in da other half of NordAmeriky
     Oh, and here's the whole fambily's Holiday greetin for all da folks in da USofA .......

Happy 4th of July Everbodies.
Everbodies be safe, be happy, and don eats too much barbyquez! 

I gone hunt da Large One.  It Cat Napz time!  

Buddy Bear
aka. "Bubba", "Bocephus",
"Butter Ball" and others



  1. You make a perfect guard kitty! We think you are very cute but intimidating too!

    We hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

  2. The mom says you can guard her anytime. :-)

    We hope you have a fun and safe July 4th!

  3. Have a Wonderful Independence Day!

    Those young 'uns sound like they need a sound thwackin'!

  4. You did a great job protecting Little One!

    Happy 4th of July

  5. Thanks for the comments my Friends. I didn't know how much I missed them. Gonna try to do the daily again. I can't stand NOT posting. To hot to do outside work, and for that matter, I'm gettin to damn old for it anyway.

    Hope Independence Day was good for one and all, as was Canada Day, and whatever other Freedom day you may celebrate.

    I'll be back.....

    So will the boys and girls ....


  6. Buddy Bear, that was pawsome!!
    Too bad we were not there to see such mastery of the upstarts! heehee
    Have a great 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. Hi Buddy bear. U r doing a good job of showing those young guys who's boss! Hope u had a good 4th of July :)

  8. Buddy, you're the guard cat extraordinaire. Very impressive floofing during that table guard duty.

  9. Happy 4th...late.

    Glad to hear you got that new computery hooked up and rarin' to go.

    Great photo story. THoE, huh?

  10. Can we borrow you to guard us too?


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