Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A short note to cover Tuesday's requirement.

      Maybe I started back in to posting a mite early 'cause I'm still behind with my visiting and commenting on the blogs.  Still, I will say something even if it is wrong.
      We are just waiting around for the midnight hour.  The Small One and I are soon headed out to the super store for some uninterrupted, cool weather shopping.  Way too hot during the day for me to take the Lady of the House out and about.  Small One is not familiar with the powered chairs they have at the super store and she can not handle the walking needed to cover the floor we would have to travel to get all we need.  So after midnight there are very few folks there and the most worry would be the people restocking shelves.   I think the Lady is kinda looking forward to driving one of 'them things' around, chasing stock people up and down the isles and not worrying about running into anyone else that can't run when she comes.
     So, from MikiCato, Buddy Bear, Miss Princess, Rowdy, Miss Smokey and Tegar the Terrible, I bid you, one and all, a good night, and a great Wordless Wednesday for tomorrow.  We'll be in with a pix or two, never fear.  I finally got my new PC uploaded with the old files ..... well MOST of them.  Maybe the tech can get the missing ones out of the old machine before he rebuilds it and upgrades it for the Small One.

     I'm gone.


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  1. Wow! SHopping at midnight? I like that! purrr...meow!

  2. I never wake up around midnight, believe it or not ?
    7.30 I'm gone !!! with my dream. I will wake up again 9.30 I eat and then I sleep till the morning.
    You guys rock, can stay up till midnight !

  3. Good for you, shopping is good any old time!!! I'm glad you are getting the new computer running!

  4. I wait till 3am to wake mom up, uh, I mean to wake up!

  5. PC is running just fine. The shopping trip was cancelled. We both fell asleep and the cats refused to wake us up. Actually they put us to sleep so we wouldn't leave them alone.

    Bad kitties, bad, BAD kitties.

    We both feel loved though.


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