Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday Late - What's Happening at SouthWoodsUSA™

     Just a quick one to let everyone know all is well with the Lady of the House and the 6 little Mouskateers.  I, on the other hand, am not quite with it.  As part of the explanation, the last post here, it seems, was just an augmentation of a post made a few days prior to that.  Simply, I lost track of what was being added to the blog, and, just plain did NOT bother to check back and see if what I was doing had been done before or not.  Anyway, everyone reading along was/were polite enough not to complain, so maybe I've been forgiven already and did not realize it.  Well, whatever!  Stuff happens.  Even with the Ailurophiles on Blogspot.com. 
     Loosing my mind?  Nah!  That happened a long time ago!  Guess we can lay it off to the time of year, the season as it were, and go on from there.  Gotta lay blame somewhere don't we?
     As was said previously, M'Lady and the Kitties are all doing well, M'Lady not so, but that's a subject for another story on the KnightOwl's Roost.  As to our presence here, we will continue, and with a little help from the weather, the hour of the day, and assorted and sundry other excuses, we will shortly join our friends on House Panthers for an occasional post.
     Yes, we've added our name to the list of posters there, and hopefully we can begin MikiCato's journey into the world of Blogging and Blathering.  I do know Miki has been into a great many things lately, some of the antics I have managed to catch a part of with the trusty camera.  Speaking of which, I must make sure I get the little treasure (the camera, not the Cat) plugged in and charging.  Bastet knows MikiCato does NOT need a bit of charging.  He's running at full power all the time.  Anyway, at the rate we're going this Spring, what with the outside pictures as well as the inside shots, we might ought to get us another battery.  I do know we need another chip.  We've started try-outs for the family films and that will definitely eat up the storage capacity on the chip we have.  4 Gigs ain't much when you gots 6 little rapscallions running amok on the acre and in the Manor House.
     Now, I had no intention of making this into a lengthy Blather Blog, (I think I've said that before a time or three) but since it's started we'll see what we can find to talk about, cut it short here and continue the conversation at KnightOwl's Roost possibly as soon as tomorrow.  Whatever!  The night is long and I'm awake, and .......
     For now, here's a new addition to the photo files belonging to the family residing at Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA™ . 

Our Senior Lady Kitty, Miss Princess
taking the sun on the Cat Porch
a couple three days ago.
She's mad at me because I did not stop the diddling
and piddling with the 'clicky-flashy' thing
and give her a lap to make biscuits 
and take a nap on.
We took care of those pleasures shortly after the picture was taken.
I felt loved.
She did too.

     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....




  1. Uncle Roy,
    Was wondering where you were due to the loooong absence. The Mousekateers keeping you busy, eh? purrr....meow!

  2. Miss Princess sure is a pretty gal! Hey, if I happen to see your mind over this way I'll send it home!!!

  3. We're glad you're back; we missed your posts. Miss Princess looks lovely in the sun.

  4. Lovely Miss princess patiently waiting for the camera shot!


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