Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday - ♥'Furby'♥ Fun, SouthWoodsUSA™ Style ±

     Large One says to me "Buddy Bear, you have to make the post on the Blogspot for Fridays!"
     I askes "What do I posks about?"
     Himself says "Write about Yourself!"
     I think "That is a HUGE subject to write about!"
     Himself reads my mind and says "That certainly IS a huge subject. Just take a good look in the mirror!"
     I think, "That is NOT what I means!"  
     Him insulting myself again!  Himself always does that!  
     So I'm thinking "Dis MY time to make a big hit with the Bloggy Peoples and maybe they asks me to post on a Blog somewheres like da one where lil Bro post ..... what da name?  House Panthers?
     I also think "I think I gonna likes this, yes I do!"

"So I starts first thing when I first wakes up!
Dis is me thinking bout what I gonna say to everbodies."
"I don't know why I thought I could get away with letting
Buddy and the boys post here.  They always fidget,
fumble and flummox up the place when
they try to post pictures.
So I have to do this part.  
At least I don't have to say anything cute and original!"

"Dis is me still thinking bout what I gonna say to everbodies!"
"Not to complain here, but he has had me change this picture
three times in the last 5 minutes.
This cat is so conceited it's pitiful.
He is always posing for something or somebody."

"Dis is me in da deep meditation stage still thinkin bout what I gonna says!
I tooked a short nap to clear my head so I could think betterer!
Somethin bout the 'aroma' of those shoes that bring on Naps!"
"Then when somebody decides to go for some good pictures
this furrball decides he's going to take a nap instead
of acting natural (as if a cat could ever act natural).

"Dis is me guardin da computyer keeboard thingie sos
I don' has to wait in line to does my post here!  I takes 
another Cat Nap for some more head clearin!"
"See what I'm talking about here?"
Well, it's his day to post so I'm not making decisions!"

"Dis is me after I edited/readed da writin da Large One done did
while I was selectin my words and thoughts.
I not think I posts no more pictures of myself.
I do NOT likes what da Large One posts.
We not be friends tonights.  I goes sleeps on da Small One's 
side of da bed.  She not write smartymouth things bout myself!"
"I gone makes dis one finish sos I can go ignore Himself
in front of the TV screen where Himself has to move to see
da TV.  That teach Himself to make fun of a famous author kittykat."

     "Don forgets to stop by House Panthers and see what them lil Black Kitties is up to.  Dey some good authors over there.  Well, you know, my Lil Brother MikiCato has joined them, and is guest postin so ....... 
     I go takes a nap now.  Bye Bye!"  




  1. Well I think you did a wonderful job with your post! Now then, have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Ah, so now we know what goes on BEHIND the scenes at your house. Come to think of it, it's a lot like that here, too.

  3. Buddy Bear, you and Rowdy should join the Tuxedo Gang! http://tuxedoganghideout.blogspot.com/ You could write for them!

  4. Awesome cats!
    view my blog too..

  5. Good Blog Buddy Bear...now we know what you have to put up with!!!

  6. Great post there Buddy Bear. Will check out the House Panthers :)

  7. cute that Buddy Bear is posting on the blog, LOL! Cute factor!

  8. I think you've been sniffing too many tennis shoes!
    "Grey is Great"

  9. That last photo says it all--talk about cattitude!

  10. Hi Roy, glad to see you're back to posting again. I haven't been here for a while so didn't catch your new posts until now.

  11. Great guest post - you need to post more often!

    Thank you for thinking of our Chica and sending her purrs. She continues to improve.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  12. You keep soooo busy; you deserve a nap.

    We're back and happy to see you all again.


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