Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday - Where Did it go?

     I have just one thing to say tonight (and you'll notice it is night ..... almost midnight here in the SouthWoods), and that is "Where did the day (Friday) go?"
     The answer is "I slept through it."
     Whatever, I'm bound and determined I will put my mark on Blogspot for the day.  And so ....
     Lately I'm not sure if the pictures used in the installments are re-runs or not.  But, I'm thinking, there are enough 'newbies' stopping by that I'm sure the 'regulars' will forgive the repeats.
     The day has been a soggy one, one where the little ladies outside (Smokey and Miss Princess aka Spooky) have spend the better part of the day either on the catporch or in their boudoir (the laundry room).
     I have noticed that none of the Mouskateers, insiders nor outsiders have been eating well.  Then again I also noticed that the Small One is not eating well either.  Since I (the Big One) am also 'off my feed', I'll put it down to Spring time and the pollen flying everywhere.  Lisa and I are on the allergy pills again and are sleeping more, so lets let it go as normal Spring Fever.  I'm not talking about the 'birds and bees' type spring fever now, so don't go quoting me wrong.  Heh!
     Lets call this one a 'fill in', and let me get on to the other duties of the day/night here at SouthWoodsUSA.
     Everyone have a great weekend, love the critters, love the rest of the family, and be nice to 'the' neighbor.  S/he can't help it!
     I feel loved.
     Later .....




  1. Have a nice week-end
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  2. Today is our fourth day of sunshine although it is still cold. We are not eating much either. We prefer to find a nice sheltered spot where we can soak up the sun.

  3. Spring fever? could be,I just think the kids are just spoiled,and you did it.

  4. Oh, now I have to say something about that. Moi? Spoiling those cats was a well planned campaign, designed to make them a royal pain int the behind. And it was a female plan, thankyouverrymuch. LadyBug did it! Yes indeed, she did it. I, the most honorable, well mannered, would harm no one type, KnightOwl aka Roy, would NEVAH, nevah, do such a thing.

    Well ..... maybe once a week! They do need some spoilin yaknow?

    A little help here people! She's ganging up on me. :^(

  5. We have sun every day, even in monsoon season. We can send you some of our heat if you send us some snow to see.

  6. Not much to comment about, the buddy is my baby, my cuddlychop and I just let you spoil him for a little while.

  7. Thanks for your welcome post on kitty tracks! lovely to hear from u all. We have had some nice sunny days and it feels like spring has arrived! hope all is well in SouthWoods and hope the pollen isn't bothering u too much.


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