Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursdays Tale - The Saga of the Love-struck Cat

     Listen close my friends and you shall hear a tale of a creme colored cat with a heart as big as the house.
     Now this cat, who's name just happens to be TEGAR, is just one of 6 residing at Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA.  (sounds impressive doesn't it?)  This cat is bright, very observant, obedient to the point the servants of the house sometimes think he is a Dog in disguise (perish the thought).  
     Truthfully, though, he, at times, seems more human than cat.  You call, he comes on the run.  Snap a finger and he comes.  When you don't want him to he comes.  He's a pest, but a timid one when it comes to cuddle and snuggle.  Still, after he gets it though his thick head he is wanted and it is acceptable to curl and cuddle, he gets with the program with a gusto.  
     This cat is a ladies' cat.  The lady of the house is his prime target, although when the daughters and daughters-in-law show up he is there making his pitch.      

Lady Lisa, the one who rescued Tegar from a cage at the local flea market
when he was just a handful of fluff and scared purr
takes the situation well in hand
she HAS to take the little paws in hand
this cat always 'makes biscuits' when he cuddles
naturally the little claws are quite painful
a small thing when you think about the love behind the action

should his Lady have a bad day and he is there to soothe and help with healing
I get the same treatment, but usually he has to wait for his turn
He has first choice on his Lady no questions asked
this cat has the coldest nose of any I've ever encountered

     It is apparent to all in this family that Tegar was born to love his humans.  He lives for it.  And to think I once said "I don't like yellow cats.  They are nuisances!"  
     This little guy has changed my mind.  I think it took him every bit of a week (at most) to do that.
     I don't want to bore you with the ravings of a overly devoted Cat servant, but this one is a treasure to us.  Certainly he is a surprise to me.  
     While I'm wound up on the subject let me tell you a little part of the daily 'rise and shine' routine with the York clan.  
     Picture this:  Rise and shine time (whenever we decide we want to).  Wake up, sit up, scratch and stretch all that needs both.  Reach down and pull the biscuit-maker's claws out of the pajama pants (and the leg).  Look to see where he came from (as if you didn't already know he sleeps on your feet ya old fool!)  Get up.  Get up again.  Get down and put the shoes on the right foot.  Get up, after taking the cat off your lap.  Get under way to the bathroom following the little escort trotting happily along looking over his shoulder and steady chattering away.  
     He knows where you are going so you don't have to wonder about it.  Just follow him.  Get to the bathroom, stop at the vanity, pick cat up and place him in the sink.  Turn on cold water for his morning drink.  Stop and adjust the water so it will not puddle and wet his little paws.  He can berate you quite heavily if that happens.  Tend to business and return to vanity.  Comb hair, and other assorted morning activities while the 'sponge' soaks up the water.  Finally, after he's sated, finish up the morning ablutions.  
     A note here:  The bathroom door is never completely closed.  It is THEIR bathroom after all, and they need 24/7 access to said room, so the door is blocked from closing by a fancily padded and covered block of wood that also serves as a fun toy when all the other dozens of toys scattered about the abode have lost their luster and are cast aside until a future date where interest is once again returned to first one then the other ...... enough of that .....
     OK, we're finished in the BR, we swing the door back open and stop to let the little yellow sentinel sitting at attention just outside and squarely in the middle of the center of the damn walkway know it's time to move on to the next step of the morning's routine.  This is the one time he will wait until you tell him which way you are going, left or right.  
     I've discovered he is beginning to sense whether I am going to the computer room or I am going to the fun room (read here Living/dining/kitchen).  Direction confirmed, a happy leap forward, and cherry 'Meowr' spoken, and we are on our way.  If my mood was foul when I first woke, by now it has definitely taken a turn for the better, thanks to my 'escort kitty'.    
     This Cat is a treasure to behold.  He is not pushy, yet he will let you know in a minute what's on his little mind.  He's good at it too.  
     His one fault?  For a short haired cat, he can shed more in five minutes than Buddy, Rowdy, Miki, Princess and Smokey all rolled into one.  He is a hair making machine.  And he love to leave it all in MY chair.  My chair in the fun room, my chair in the computer room, my chair in front of the TV.  NEVER his Mom's chair.  Why is this?  He has his own chair at the opposite end of the table from mine.  He only uses it as a last resort -- when I tell him 'I want my chair Tegar.'  He quietly gets up and vacates my chair leaving me a nice warm cat fur covered chair to sit in.
     Ok, I think I have taken this as far as I need to for today.  We'll continue this saga at a later date.  Right now I am casting wistful glances at my empty tea mug over there.  I'm thinking it's time to take a break, relax the fingers, and the brain, take a trip down the hall, with, of course, my little creme colored kitty leading the way.  
     Oh, he's dozing in the task chair in the corner behind me as I type.  When I swivel this chair around he will be up stretched and down on the rug yawning and looking at me like "what took you so long.  I've been ready for a long time.  Lets go!"
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....




  1. cool tegar loving his mommy and leading the way for dad. nice.

  2. What a gorgeous post. Tegar sounds like a very loved, very loving kitty :)

  3. Tegar sounds absolutely adorable. We both have our own routines too.

  4. Tegar sound abit like our Harry. Cats do tend to stick to their routine as they are creatures of habits. Nice post, Roy! :-))

  5. I've always found yellow cats to be very special and friendly.


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