Friday, July 17, 2009

A Sunbeam is a special thing .....

This lovely takes her leisure each morning with a purrrrrrrr ....

Ms. Tash is the head Lady kitty at Donna's house.

Thanks Donna, for the beautiful shot.


  1. Dearest Roy and Buddy Bear,
    We featured you on today's blog as you are one of our favorite stops and feel you should be getting much more attention!

    And Ms. Tash looks GAWGEOUS!

  2. What a wonderful surprise to come in for some 'work' around the place and find this note.

    Thank you for featuring us. As you can tell, we are slowly getting our selves together and settling down to serious blogging. We've a lot to learn, and are working on it.

    Right now, we can use a lot of moral support. Critiques, praise, catnip, a dish of tuna, or even a glass of buttermilk will all be accepted by the appropriate author/host/head honcho here.

    As I said once a few months back, "I'm gettin to d@mn old for this." The lady of the House and all the Mouskateers ignored me and started laying out the plans and ideas ...... enough.

    Thanks, again, and have a good 'rest of the weekend!"

    ~ R ~


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