Sunday, July 05, 2009

I have come to take over here

I thinks I is signed in right. Dis place is so big, so much room, and the Big One is not using it, so I is taking over.

Dis is MY Blogspot/place. Dis is where you will hear from me and talk to me when you wants too. I likes pictures, even of my purry self, and I likes seeing other my furry friends pictures on my places, so ifin you gots some clear ones you would send me, we lets the Big One post them here. EMail me or the Big One and we gets things working wif the pictures.

Not sure the introductions are needed here, since everthing is all about me and the other kits, but I does a little bit of one anyhowsomever. OK?

I am Buddy Bear, I am called Bubba, Bear, Fuzzbutt, Big Guy, an a mess of others, most of which we don't think would pass the test for 'nice words', so I just adds one more. I even comes when the Little One calls Din-Din. So I tinks that's my name too.

I a Ragamuffin mixed with sometin else, but mostly I a big ball of fluff and purr.

To 'susplain some names I uses here, the Big One is my Humon Daddy, the Little One is my rescuer, my Humon Mommy. I loves them both.

My dislikes: Laps. being picked up and carried around, the Big One messin wif my hiney paws, din-din wif beef in it, humon foods 'ceptin for saltine crackers, and cheese.

My likes: My rescuer, the Little One, my Big One's cuddling arms in bed at night, all my brofurs but the big lummox baby Rowdy, my catnip to wallow in and eat, sunbeams, satin sheets, giving hickeys to the Little One and falling asleep on top of her.

I a house kitty and do not go outside. Oh, I tries ever oncet in a while, just to roll in the sand, but Big One says "NO Buddy. Get in the house!" and I does really quick like. Him mean to me. If I no go in him picks me up and carrys me in and callse me "Bad Boy!" I flips my tail at him and waddles off to pout in his chair.

All us kittys at 5 Oaks hopes you will come visit, and hopes you enjoys my/OUR taking over the Blogspot. We lets the Big One posts iffin he bes nice.

I be Buddy Bear,
I be back.


  1. You wrote a beautiful post, Buddy Bear; glad I backtracked to read it!

  2. I thanks you Missy Barbara. I not talks jus right but Big One says "Say what you think the way you think it. They will unnerstands!"

    Tank you for visitin my/our Bloggin spot. An iffin you has some picktures of your owner kitties we can post here, we be happy if you sends them to us. We cepts picktures of da dorgies too!


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