Sunday, March 05, 2006

As a way of introducing myself, I will say this: I am the Webmaster here. That is; I built this collection of Web Sites and Forums, and I, alone, am guilty of any mistakes made herein. (Unless someone else before me screwed up, in which case I appologize for not catching said mistake and making proper correction!) Now that you are thoroughly confused, we shall continue.

World of Cats has been in the developing stages since I first went on the web early in 1999, and became a reality shortly afterward, in the form of a general writing/poetry site, containing several pages of cat humor, quotes, pictures, and blather. As time progressed, changes changed changes and the present Buddy Bear's Cats' World took shape, developed, and grew. That growth has, in the past 6 months, stumbled and lagged behind the projected schedule. To make a complicated story simple, my interest has been lax and has wandered.

Thanks to a wonderful group of people I am proud to call my friends, all of whom are current 'residents' and posters on, our Buddy Bear's Cats' World Forum, the project known as Buddy Bear's Cats World,has been kept intact, and work on that site has again been undertaken.

For those of you who have 'been there, done that' on the web site, hang in there......the new goodies are just beginning to be added. In the past, material was added in bulk form (4 - 5 pages at a time), but this time we shall take it one page at a time, one subject at a time.

There are numerous bad links on the site, due mainly to my lack of planning, and in a small part, to the addition to our page building tools of a 'betta' version of an upcoming page builder. Big Mistake! Big Mistake! However, 'you takes what you gets, and you does what ya can with what ya gots!' or something like that. I will, I hope, master the monster in due time.

NOTE: Since this was first written some time back, the page builder is out of Beta, is working well, and I am fairly wise to it's ways (of it to mine???).

Well! Now that you are completely bored, and confused, let me make an end to this diatribe with this......"Welcome to our worl".......the whole of which can be found on the World Wide Web with the most unlikely title of Buddy Bear's Cats' World.

Please add this page to your favorites in you web browser, and come back to visit often. It is my hope to become a bit more informative, and hopefully more entertaining, as we travel into the realm of Buddy Bear's Cats' World.

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